Maybank Scholarship Awards & Maybank Sponsorship Award

Hi Adam,
Recently, I had been called up for the Maybank scholarship online assessment,
I finished the assessment and submitted it,
However, the online assessment only consisted of two parts,
It is stated in this discussion that there were more parts in the online assessment,
And when did you get called up for the second round of interview,
I am just anxious to get the scholarship,
Thanks for your help and wish me luck Adam.
Good day bro…:sunglasses:

Hi. :grin: I will attend the 2nd stage tomorrow that is the interview and I am a nervous wreck right now. By the way, I was reading through your explanation about the scholarship and yeah, I am truly grateful for that and it ease my nerve. Anyway, what do you mean by the 3rd stage? Is there another stage after the interview? :sweat:

Yup,there is. The third stage involves 2 parts. You have to do a presentation and then there is a group discussion.

Jad-if you still want my resume,could you e-mail me at It’ll be easier for me to send it to you then.