PETRONAS Scholarships (Program Penajaan Pendidikan PETRONAS Untuk Lepasan SPM 2016)

Yes, we pray for all three of you @juliaizzaty, @angjiashun13 & @KhooKarHoo to do well in the interview and successfully offered the scholarship. :wink:

Do consider sharing your interview experience with us here once you attend the Petronas YoungStars Day this Sunday.

@Ong haha thanks man.Anyway, I prepared the UTP Admission Apllication form already. It was very simple tho haha.Just go to utp website and register an account. Fill in every details and that’s it. @juliaizzaty hey I faced similiar problem too. Apparently, my school din’t prepare any certificate for normal members of the club (chess club)and I guess I just have to prepare another similiar cert (chess competition cert) to substitude that cert . :sweat: All the best to you, hoped we could meet there :smile:

@Ong thank you :grin: Is there any ideas how to solve it? I just mentioned that i was a normal member of school band. But i didnt take part in competitions, so i am already confused thinking of the certificate (which i dont have at all) to be submitted on that day. however, someone said just ignore them. Hmm. @angjiashun13 yah see you there. :smirk: do you mind giving your email, contact number or other social media. Yah you know, at least i know someone before getting myself there to make myself more comfortable as most of my friends are going on the 4th. Hehe :grin:

Hello here! Would like to ask a question : Can I get all my certs certified by Guru Kanan instead of Pengetua?(Cause my pengetua isn’t available ) *Reply asap if you see this.
Thank you so much in advance :wink:

Did the Petronas Scholarship specify only Pengetua can certify the copies of documents?

If no, then Guru Kanan can certify without issue.

If yes, then ask the Guru Kanan to certify on behalf of Pengetua. Usually the Guru Kanan should have a stamp that says bp Pengetua but Guru Kanan signs. ‘bp’ means bagi pihak. Otherwise sometimes I saw manual writing using pen ‘bp pengetua’, that’s fine also.

@Kong please consider sharing your Sunday’s interview experience here, thanks in advance!

hello @angjiashun13 , i’m also will attend PESP this sunday. btw i just realized about the UTP Admission Application Form . i select utp foundation for my first choice. and when i read about the ‘how to submit’, it stated that the applicant needs to attach the payment slip for processing fee. do i really need to pay for it and bring the slip during youngstar day or not? i really hope that u will respond to this asap.

Hi! I am going to PYD 2016 this Monday. what is the proper formal attire for female? on the original and ctc document checklist they asked about date and venue. what should I write? the day I check the list (I april 2016) and venue (my full address) or the date when PYD2016 and venue; KDU University College Utropolis, Glenmarie, Shah Alam? Thank You :slight_smile:

It’s the date of your PYD and the venue of PYD. In other words, date: 4 April 2016 (Monday) and venue: KDU University College Utropolis, Glenmarie, Shah Alam

It is appropriate for female applicants to wear baju kurung or formal lady office wear.

Please consider sharing your experience with us in this forum by writing down what happens during the day and activities that you go through.

Hey @fazreen I din’t make the payment. For our case, I think it just required the printed online form.

Haha sure .my email is I will email you my number hehe :wink:

thanks! ok. i’ll do. Is the first assessment is CPSQ and TSA or the interview? I went commissioner of oath to sign my mother’s payslip and father’s statutory declaration for unemployed ,but I am failed to let the commissioner of oath to sign my mother’s payslip. He said that he can’t sign this type of document. So my mother’s payslip was signed by GPK 1 and her boss. is it valid? my mother’s payslip is computer generated. so her company did not provided the original one. is it okay?

Hay, count me in too. I don’t want to feel awkward on that event. Haha. Anyway, my email is

My case is that I replace my uniform body certificate with another certificate like the certificate of Mighty Mind State Challenge. I am looking forward to meeting you, juliaizzaty. My email is See you there.

Also, remember to bring your calculator, because you will need it. There’s a math test, I suppose. Cheer and have a fun day.

did i really have to attach UTP admission application form as i put my first programme in UTP? i did not apply it. if i really need to apply UTP, how and where to apply? please guide me :sob: thank you in advance!

@nuraienee yes you need it since you put it in your application. Please follow what @angjiashun13 did: [quote=“angjiashun13, post:22, topic:23”]
Anyway, I prepared the UTP Admission Apllication form already. It was very simple tho haha.Just go to utp website and register an account. Fill in every details and that’s it.

Hey guys, I went for the PYS day and it was great. First you will be given a simple briefing and will proceed to the tsa and behavior test. The TSA is important and after 1pm they will put up the names for those who gt to the second round. The interview wasn’t hard and you won’t be needing a long self introduction. Focus more on the topic given by them and you will require to discuss the topic to gather with yr teammates after they weren’t finished with their personal interview(summary for your points based on the given topic). The topic wasn’t hard .Not much fact just general topic .All the best for those who are going tmr .:smile:


You went to mighty minds ? I went to the National challenge before representing johor state during 2014 .Did you went to the national level that year ?

It’s okay no worries. Even if they rejected that tmr you will still be given time to send the correct true copy to them in a few days time . They will give you the address for you to mail it there. You will still be able to proceed the test and the interview

Not need to pay the procedure fee. I went today and they dint ask for it