The English Language - 8 Parts of Speech

English is an international language. It is written and spoken all over the world. It is spoken in a variety of accents - English, American, West Indian, Indian - but its grammar and most of its vocabulary remain the same no matter where it is used.

ENGLISH has borrowed words from almost every other language.

  • card (french)
  • piano (Italian)
  • fox (German)
  • bungalow (Hindi)
  • canoe (Carib)
  • dictator (Latin)
  • admiral (Arabic)

Noun - John, tiger, school, honsty.
Verbs - eat, think, write.
Pronous - he, she, it.
Adjectives - good, fine, red.
Adverbs - quitely, here, suddenly.
Prepositions - against, for, with.
Conjunctions - and, but.
Interjections - Oh! Hello! Stop!

Nouns - a noun is the name of a person, animal, place or things.
Verbs - a verb may be said to be a “doing” word.
Pronouns - a pronoun is a word which takes the place of a noun .
Adjectives - an adjective describes a noun or a pronoun.
Adverb - an adverb generally modifies a verb.
Prepositions - a preposition shows the relation between one thing and another.
Conjunctions - a conjunction is a word used for joining words and clauses.
Interjections - an interjection express sudden emotion.