1 month for my trials. I am a C+ grade student how to improve myself

Heyh Guys, anyone could help me :neutral_face: Actually I always get C+ for all my school examination, but now I got 1 month more to sit for my Trials examination. I want to change my C+ grade to at least A in my upcoming examination that just around the corner :neutral_face:

Hye sis… i used to be in your shoes during my school time. what i did in past were i did a lot of exercises, past uear questions… it is really helpful as these can make us familiar to the real examination questions. while doing the exercises, try to compare your answer with the answer booklet so that you can learn on how to answer properly. as i were to lazy to read all those thick refference books this is how i survived during my spm… I hope it’ll be useful for you. All The Best :muscle:

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I Almost Flunked in My SPM Trial Exams

7 Tips on Keeping Continuous Momentum Till the End of SPM

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Thank u so much for your info that u given me. so i will try ur way and soon positive and happy reply will be here. :slight_smile:

Great… stay positive, believe in urself n go beyond. i’m looking forward for your reply :slight_smile:


Hello! Well, while it is easy to be discouraged by the C+ grades, it is important to understand why the grades express themselves that way.

Simple steps that could help you significantly:

  • Look through the papers and notice the common mistakes. Ask yourself: are you confused about the formulas, the sentences or what the question is asking you?
  • Whenever you’re unsure, ask. Either a teacher or a friend who is good in the subject will do.
  • Depending on what kind of subject, you may be better off reading/doing exercises/a healthy combination of both or something else altogether.

Last but not least, be willing to learn! I see this in you, as you are asking for advice - good job.

All the best for the trials! (:

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Hey Tthuvitha,

There is still hope! It’s not over till the fat lady sings. I used to get G in even before my trials before SPM. But the I managed to bounce back up, and believe it or not got straight A’s for my SPM.

Like kkzy mention, they are all very helpful tips. I’m just gonna add on a few which are:

  • Exercise using past year papers. Even if it means re-doing those that you have done. Make sure that you understand them and the logics behind every question (ask for help if you don’t!)
  • If you are having trouble understanding, google for help or even youtube. They really help alot.
    -For theory subjects, you needs to read through a few times at least to remeber the key points. Try to remember key points wihtout looking back at the textbook
    -One month time is short, but sufficient. Stay away from things that will make u procrastinate. like your phone, tv etc. I locked myself in the room before SPM and shut down all my social media. It will really help
    -Have a lot of water when you are studying. Keeps you fresh and going to the toilet is like break time.
    -If you are studying non-stop then switch subjects from time to time (may work with some people and may not). For me, it kept me less bored as I’m not studying the same subject continously for hours and hours…

All the best!!!

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Focus on what you do best.

Grade your papers based on your scores. If you’ve aced it you can focus on them last.

Take your barely passing scores, like your Cs and your C+s, focus on the chapters you really understand.
Once you’ve gone through that, then only challenge the harder chapters for chosen subjects.
Finally do reviews on your studied material. Dont try cramming everything, You only have a month left. Focus on what you can.

Once done only then try the rest.

If you can cover everything in one month. Good job. but if you dont, dont sweat it. You can try again and hopefully study earlier.

That. or look up all nighters, if you can handle it and it works for you.

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Hello there. My advice is simple, find out your learning style. There are three: audio, visual and kinesthetic. It is found that students work best if all three are combined. Visual : regular reading/watch relevant videos
Audio: listen to pre-recorded lessons, listen to insertfavoritemusichere when studying
Kinesthetic: real life application and demonstration.
Hope this helps!

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THANK U so much for the information. I will do my best in my trials soon happy reply from me.:slight_smile:


THANK U SO MUCH .:blush:

THANK U SO MUCH, for all your wishes and also your useful information… .:slight_smile:

Hey there, I used to have the same experience but in my case, it was worse:/ I either fail or pass by 1 mark. It actually made a negative impact on me because that was my first time failing in an exam throughout my whole life. I studied less and gave zero attention to the teacher. I envy to those who manage to get greater results. And to make things worse, those who failed also gave up and this also demotivates me in passing the test.

But then this year i finally ‘insaf’ and i did loadsssss of revision. Imagine catching up all the chapters in form 4 in just a few months:’) I finally managed to get an A for trials after working my butt off. I couldn’t believe that I manged to score the highest in class:grinning:

Basically, study study study!! That’s the only thing you have to do(unless you’re like my friend who didnt do her homework, study and doesn’t own a revision book but yet she still managed to get an A:’)some people are just born with greater abilities)

SPM is in a few dayss :scream: :sob: All the best:+1::+1:and even if you did not achieved your goal, just remember that it’s not the end of the world:p

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what can i do to improve my maths result as i always get C
can you guys help me ? since i am going to sitting for SPM in few moths :persevere::persevere::sob: