A Level or Singapore Poly Diploma to Enter NTU?

Hi, recently I feel really confused to choose my pathway to study abroad in Singapore. I know the fact that entering Nanyang Technology University in Singapore is real difficult and that’s why I am hesitating whether to continue my A-Level study in First City University College or take a diploma from one of the Singapore polytechnics. I had received different advice from many adults. Some of them claiming that entering NTU or NUS will be easier if I apply with a diploma qualification from Singapore polytechnics while some of them told me that I have to be top 5% in polytechnic which is extremely hard in order to enter Singapore university and choices are really limited after taking diploma as compared to A Level and yet the risks are relatively higher. So, could anyone please tell me whether entering NTU will be easier in which pathway? A Level or Diploma from Singapore polytechnics?

Hi, as you have already experienced, different people will have different opinions on whether A Level or Singapore Polytechnic is a better path to get admitted by NTU, Singapore. So I am not going to tell you which one is better, but I want to share with you some points for you to consider.

Temasek Polytechnic, Singapore

  1. What do you really want to learn during your pre-university education?

Polytechnic education is more technical and hands-on whereas A Level is more academic, what kind of education experience do you prefer for the next one and a half year? I know your final goal of your pre-university education is to get admitted into NTU, but what if you do not get admitted, isn’t that learning something you truly enjoy and useful for yourself during the time spent on pre-u education a better choice?

  1. What is the backup plan if you do not get admitted to NTU?

Yes, you can work hard, score great result, but what if you are not lucky or it is just too competitive and you do not get enrolled into NTU? What is your backup plan? Which pre-university programmes between these two can afford you to apply another programme at another university?

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Hi, firstly I would like to thank you for replying me.Actually,I dont really know how does polytechnic education feel like so I am kinda curious and yet kinda afraid of trying it but I think it would be okay for me. So, I have did some research to find my backup plan,if I am graduating from diploma I would not just try to apply for ntu but at the same time I will try applying Australia Uni since they would have 2 years of exemption for Singapore polytechnic diploma holder and in fact there will be a wide variety of pathway after graduating from diploma. Well, to be honest I am a little tired of learning in just academic way like A level and that’s why I am thinking to go for something different like diploma. By the way, I have tried to call NTU and NUS to ask them whether A Level or Diploma would have an advantage but they said the chance for both qualifications are the same I just need to make sure I score good grade in diploma then I would stand a chance to receive offer from both uni.

That’s really awesome of you to share with us your findings.

Lesson learned: always check with the official sources instead of relying on hearsay.

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