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What’s next after SPM? Discuss pros and cons of each pre-university programmes here!


First of all I will compile a list of the various pathways a Malaysian student can take after SPM.

  1. STPM, what we call Form 6.
  2. Malaysian Matriculation ( Matrikulasi)
  3. Asasi IPTA
  4. Private colleges and universities, which include
    (i) Diploma
    (ii) Foundation
    (iii) A Levels
    (iv) AUSMAT, Australian Matriculation
    (v) ADTP, American Degree Transfer Program
    (vi) Canadian Matriculation
    (vii) MUFY, Monash University Foundation year
    … and many more.


Let us look at this from this point of view first - are the qualifications accepted? Where?

  1. For STPM, it is accepted worldwide and is of the same qualification as the popular Cambridge A Levels.
  2. For Malaysian Matriculation, it is only accepted in Malaysian Universities and selected colleges or schools outside the country.
  3. For Asasi IPTA, it is only accepted by that IPTA. Transfers to other IPTA are usually not accepted.

  1. For Private institutes, the qualification varies. More information can be found by surfing the net, preferably on the specific institute of choice. I can give a short overview though.
  • A Levels. Accepted EVERYWHERE.
  • Diploma. Selected Diploma are accepted by selected instituted to continue your studies. You have to be very, very careful.
  • Foundation. Similar to Diploma, it can be very specific. Take care to get more information beforehand.

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