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What is AirAsia?
AirAsia is a low-cost airline based in Malaysia that primarily serves Southeast Asia and its surrounding regions. The airline began small, it had two planes when current management took over in 2001 — but has grown rapidly and is considered an important player for air travel in the region. AirAsia now flies to over 100 destinations.

The airline hubs out of Kuala Lumpur’s new international airport, KLIA2. It is a purpose-built integrated airport filled with a shopping mall, duty free shops, fast food restaurants, hotels and busy travellers. AirAsia is owned by a group of private stakeholders (including Richard Branson) and was the vision of Branson’s former financial controller for Virgin Airlines, Tony Fernandes.

Why should one fly AirAsia?
Other than offering the most affordable budget travel, AirAsia also assists in hotel bookings, tour packages, and courier and cargo services.

An Asian brand gone global, AirAsia is the World’s Best Low-Cost Carrier and the Airline of the Year for 2009. Being the best in the industry and the top digital brand in Asia. AirAsia is Asia’s first low-cost carrier. We believe in the no-frills, hassle-free, low fare business concept so that affordable air travel can become a reality.

The World’s Best Low-Cost Carrier is unlike any legacy carrier. Forget about the steep fares from luxurious airport lounges and other frills - with AirAsia, you get to choose exactly what you need. Customize the way you fly and opt to add-on hot, delicious in-flight meals, seat selection or comfort kits. Experience the lower costs for suitcases, when you super size your luggage from 15kg to 30kg in beforehand. The permitted size to bring the baggage is 15kg and any unnecessary luggages are chargeable.

Most of the Asian traditional airways are struggling in the economic crises but AirAsia managing and maintaining the profitable organization with low fare attraction. It is covering all range of people like higher, middle and lower budgeting. Everyone in Asia looks and compares the AirAsia airfare with other budget airlines. Schedule analysis is properly managed and promotions offered time to time. Mostly I could say people are waiting for AirAsia promotion to grasp the tickets.

Where does AirAsia fly to
AirAsia connects Asia-pacific, South Asia, Australia, Europe, Gulf etc. AirAsia now flies to over 100 destinations. It provides flights to Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, United Kingdom, India, China, Australia, Taiwan, South korea, Japan etc.

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