Am I making the right decision?

SPM 2016, I am ready. After that, I am scared. Based on my 1st Trial, I am deciding between STPM and Pre-U. My interest is to do Astrophysics. Currently, due to my family’s financial constraints, I can only opt for STPM or local Pre-U (private). Swinburne or Curtin in Sarawak as nearer and cheaper. However, both do not have degree on Astrophysics. My question, will I be able to apply for other U (which offer the course I want) after my pre-U in either one of these? Is there any restriction?
Hoping someone here can enlighten me as I don’t want to make a grave mistake.

Hi! Can I have your contact details? I am an education consultant and we provide free services pertaining tertiary education. Or you may contact me at 012 732 3537. Tq