Ask Me Anything About Actuarial Science

Currently in my second year doing Actuarial Science under scholarship. Ask me anything regarding it. Thanks.


hello tanushia. i have completed my diploma in actuarial science. i’m analysing my options for my degree studies. can i know which scholarship are you under and where are you studying at?

Dear Mikhqail Muhammad,

I am under the SunMapcu Scholarship and I am studying at Sunway University.
Don’t mind me asking, if you did your Diploma in Actuarial Studies, why
don’t you want to continue the same course for your degree?

i intend to continue on the same course but unsure whether to do it locally
or abroad. hence why i asked where you are studying at. have you completed
any professional papers yet? if yes, which papers?

Yeah. My advice is continue with Bachelors in Actuarial Science because you
will learn a bit of everything in the business world so you choose what you
want to focus on in the future. I am going to sit for my first professional
paper in March 2017 which is exam P.

Hello Tanushia…i just ended my SPM examination on 2016.i does not know much about this course so i hope u can share to me about this course in details…thank u

Hi Afiqah,

My apologies for the late reply. When I started this course was about RM74k at Sunway University.