Ask Me Anything About JPA Scholarship for Engineering Interviews

Hi if anyone would like to ask about the JPA interview for the engineering scholarship u may ask here. I have experienced it before.

Awesome offer, thank you for doing this!

Perhaps you can start sharing with us how was it like throughout the interview? For example, the interview is divided into two sessions, individual interview versus group interview? What were the questions asked during individual interview and what topic was discuss during group discussion?

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Hi. First of all there was no individual interview. There was only group interview. It’s was divided to 2 parts. The English and bahasa part. The first part I attended was in English where we were divided into groups of 4 and we were given a topic eg: global warming and we were given 15 min to discuss and write it in a mahjong paper. Then we were to present our points. There were 2 groups in each room. It wasn’t like a debate. We just present our points and then there was the Q&A session where the candidates from the other group would ask us questions and vice versa for us when they are presenting. The same concept but different topic was done in Bahasa. Hope this helped.

Can I know how does one apply to the JPA scholarship to read Engineering ? Is the JPA scholarship still availble ? Thanks

Does it apply for students going abroad (UK university) ?

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Hai . I’m Nur Ashira and i’m studying at Al Madinah International University at Shah Alam . Now i’m last semester of arabics in foundation which will end on 7 april 2016. If can i want to contiune study abors doing my degree .

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@simannie I am not sure whether it’s still available or when is the dateline. U can check in Google. No it does not apply to UK universities. U have to go through JPA programme where they will send u to France, Germany, Japan or Korea if u are chosen. U can apply for it through the website or just type it in google and the direct link will come out.

Hello @ashira_nur. Good luck in your studies. Yes you can go overseas. There are many scholarships available. U have to hunt for it. U can try Malaysia Scholarships its a really good website or Malaysian scholarship website.

Hello madam/sir.when will the result of the interview will be out?

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@asmath.husssein . Lol I am just a student like u. U can call JPA office to get better clarification…

The results of online application will be released on 11 april, while the COT and interview will be held on 18 april. These are the info i get after contacting the JPA officers. According to seniors, the results of interview will be released during May. Hope it helps :slight_smile:


Hello, I hope u see this message. For you to know, I have a friend, who has applied for the jpa engineering scholarship for 2017 and she is applicable to the interview and will attend the interview on 4th of April. But now she has a big problem. When she was applying the scholarship online, she listened to her parents’ advice and she filled up the fake occupation of her parents. She is very worried that whether she needs to write the real one or continue the fake one when filling up the form. Thank you.

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@minhua. Hi. Wow this is a big problem. Pls don’t fake it. The government keeps our parents record since we were in primary school. So when u are filling up the next time pls fill in the correct one. Just let them now there was an error when filling it up. Like a technical error or typo. They would understand. Good luck to your fren. And pls ask your fren not to do that again.

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Hello , would like to ask is there any phone interview you were informed abt the Petranas Young Star programme ?