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Bachelor of Management students must successfully earn 146 credits in total. The Bachelor’s degree is a 4-year program. All the students will study the fundamental courses together for the first two years, and study specialization courses separately in third and fourth year. The bachelor program offers 4 differerent directions, which are International Business, International Finance, International Marketing , Chinese Business Studies and International Economics and Trade

International Business

International Business introduces students to the world of global business. Courses cover the basics of the global economy, cultural influences on business, the impact of government decisions on business, what form of business to choose, importing and exporting goods and services, foreign exchange, and international management topics.

International Finance

International Finance is the branch of economics that studies the dynamics of exchange rates, foreign investment, and how these affect international trade. It also studies international projects, international investments and capital flows, and trade deficits. Courses include the study of futures, options and currency swaps.

International Marketing

International Marketing examines the impact of economic, cultural, political, legal and other environmental influences on international marketing. Within this context, the focus is on how to identify and analyze worldwide marketing opportunities, and examine product, pricing, distribution and promotion strategies.

Chinese Business Studies

Chinese Business Studies is a well-tailored, economics-based, multi-disciplinary program focusing on specific areas relevant to doing business in China. With relevant business theories and up-to-date applications, the program aims to provide students with systematic knowledge of business practices and the ability to analyze changes in government policies and regulations that affect business operations in China.

International Economics and Trade

The objective of Bec International Economics and Trade is to provide students with theoretical and practical understanding of international economics and international trade. It is committed to cultivate talents with solid theoretical foundation of economics and management. The program combines the development of key skills in International Trade, International Finance and International Investment and Management.