Ask Me Anything About UiTM Foundation Studies (Asasi Universiti Teknologi MARA)

especially in Engineering or Science Study

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Is it true that if you study UiTM asasi you can only futher study degree @ UiTM? Can you apply degree program at other universities with your asasi result? Do you get advantage during degree placement (when you apply UiTM degree you get accepted more easily compared to others applying using same CGPA but diploma or STPM result)?

Would you mind to share your experience studying there? Was it more similar to form 5 or more similar to degree in terms of the study environment? How many students in a class?

Thank you for your generous offer to answer our questions!

Hi @Kai,

Not necessarily. Students from Asasi UiTM and Asasi UM must fill the UPU application again along with STPM, Diploma and Matriculation students, which means yes, you can apply for any degree program at other universities using your Asasi result. This applies the same when you want to further your undergraduate studies in private universities and colleges. But in this case, you have to apply directly to them considering that UPU application is only for those who want to study in public universities.

Unfortunately, the chances for you to enter IPTA through UPU application are just as same as other STPM, Diploma, and matriculation students. However, students from Asasi UiTM (and diploma students from UiTM) do receive priorities in student admission for undergraduate studies in UiTM.

Compared to KPM Matriculation, Asasi UiTM is more degree-oriented concerning that there are no prep classes, strict outing schedules, and the school kind of vibe during class. In terms of academic standards, generally speaking, Asasi has stricter exam marking. Unlike Matriculation students, they can repeat their test paper and their grade will depend on the average grade for finals (like SPM).

I am unsure of KPM Matriculation in terms of the number of students in a class but for Asasi, there are usually 30 students in a class. Enjoy the ride!

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Hi there! Pardon me for late reply. I have been so busy lately.

For the first and subsequent question, thanks to Fatehah for answering it.

I’ll answer thr last three question for you regarding my experience.

A class is called as Group. Each group roughly contained 25 to 35 students. Asasi Sains consisted majority of girls while in Asasi kejuruteraan Boys outweight the girls. In my approximation the ratio of gender for both course is about 1 to 6. Say in asasi kejuruteraan, there are 5 girls and 25 boys in a group.

And the best part is my experience in Asasi. Overall, for me it is super comfortable life to be a student there. Firstly the distance between lecture hall to the hostel is short and the facility provided in hostel are nice and it is quite new as the Pusat asasi just finished in about a year ago.

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