Ask Me Anything About UKM Dentistry Course


Just ask any questions

Dentistry course in UKM. Any questions go ahead and ask me


Thank you so much @marisashanthini for your kind offer to share your insight on UKM dentistry course! :relaxed:

Here are some of the questions on top of my mind:

  1. How long the the duration of the course from enrollment till completion? Is it 5 years?
  2. When do you do your internship (or is it called practical)? 3rd year, 4th year? For how long?
  3. Where do you do your internship? Government hospital, private dental clinic? Was it allocated to you or you need to apply?
  4. Are all students taking this course at local public universities (Universiti Awam / IPTA) under some sort of scholarship like JPA? If not mistaken medical course students at IPTA are all under JPA.
  5. If you are indeed under JPA scholarship, how many years do you need to serve in government service after graduation?



Hello there.

  1. the course duration is 5yrs
  2. our clinical year is from year3-5
  3. after graduation we have to apply for housemanship but now we have to wait for 9months before we get our placement.
  4. no we are not under jpa scholarship as from 2016 onwards jpa scholarship are not given for dental and medical students
  5. if we do get jpa scholarship we are bounded to the government for 8yrs


Hi can i know whether the syllabus in ukm is in english or malay?


@Chalene hi there the syllabus for dentistry is in english.


Can we do our housemanship at private clinic?

Do we have to serve for gov after graduate?

Can you tell the cost of studying dentistry? (Sorry if you feel uneasy abt this question)

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:


For your first question I am not so sure cause they did not give the exact statement where can we do our housemaship. They are always changing it. No we don’t have to serve the government unless u take jpa scholarship then u have to serve for 8 years. The cost changes every year. For my year it comes up to RM2000 per sem. Hope this helps.