Ask Me Anything About UTM Petroleum Engineering Course

Petroleum engineering course in UTM

Feel free to ask any question regarding UTM petroleum engineering course.

First thing first: thank you so much for your offer to answer our questions!!! :relieved:

I have some questions:

  1. Would you mind to share your experience studying this course at UTM? Is UTM good and in what way?
  2. Have you completed the course or are you now working as petroleum engineer? Is oil & gas still high demand and high pay now that many O&G companies cut headcount?
  3. Are most students taking this course under scholarships? If yes would you please name a few scholarships sponsoring students taking petroleum engineering at UTM?

Thank you!

Hai there, you have popped out some good questions and I’d be happy to
answer those.

First of all I’m student in my 2nd year, and so far it have been a good
experience taking this course in UTM. Apart from academic aspect alone, UTM
encourage students to actively participate in college events and as well as
university’s. We have this society called Society of Petroleum Engineers
and I’m proud to tell you that SPE UTM have received outstanding awards
several times. Yes, this society is very,very active and it provides
opportunities for student to enhance their leadership skills as well as
going abroad for competition or conference.

Yes, regarding the industries we have been facing a critical downturn right
now. And this led to workers being sacked. So if you are looking for
employment, you gotta have a strong networking skills and as well as to be
outstanding. But for the meantime, I would suggest you to go for other

As for scholarships, yes we do have plenty of students having it even me!
To name few is Repsol, Jpa,Shell,Sime Darby and UTM specialised fund called
UTM Endownment.

I hope that I’ve answered your questions. Should you have any doubt, feel
free to contact me.

Good day!

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Hi Kai!

Regarding career options in O&G today, for sure there is a dip in the demand for professionals in the O&G industry due to the market downturn. However, there are still many companies hiring, especially looking for interns. As we all know, internships are a great stepping stone for students to get real-world experience and also build your resume.