ATT: Study opportunities outside Malaysia

I feel the urge to write this because I felt the need to help young Malaysians who wants to pursue a good degree.

Hi, I am an Alumni of SMK Bukit Mewah and Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris. I was also an English teacher for about 9 months, then I quit my job and went to Beijing to study.

My sister is currently having SPM with Economy paper next Tuesday, and i know how it feels when you are not sure where to study after your SPM, where should you go? A-Levels? Matriculation? Foundation? or Diploma in a government university(which i did back in 2011 at Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris)

I have to say this to all students, there are WAY MORE OPPORTUNITIES OUTSIDE MALAYSIA !
Why do I emphasize this?
Because I was like you, I didn’t know until I study oversea.
Now you may think that it’s expensive to study overseas, now i will tell you that, my fees is cheaper than lots of private universities back home, and it is better!

I’m a 3rd year business student in International Business School of BFSU, and I learned so much ever since I came here. China opened up my eyes, I don’t use cash to buy things, I get to see how fast China grow and get to meet people from all around the world. We get to visit companies like Baidu, Kao, Tencent(company of wechat)

so the questions i usually get are,
Why China?
Because there’s Taobao joking
But most importantly, the way how China works is really different from the rest of the world.

So if you’re parent, student, or teacher, you can :
Leave a comment if you’re interested to know what I am studying, what it is like to live in Beijing, scholarships available in IBS, Courses available in IBS ect… I would be happy to answer them.
We have a big malaysian community in Beijing so there are always activities available.

You can also follow the school on instagram: ibs.bfsu, or facebook: to know more about them

China sounds like a great place to further one’s studies! I have a few questions if you don’t mind:

  1. What made you choose to study in China in the first place?
  2. Do students need a good grasp in Mandarin in order to study there?
  3. What courses are usually offered there?
  4. How is student life in Beijing?
  5. Are there any scholarships that sends students to China?
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Hi, thanks for the question.

1. What made you choose to study in China in the first place?
There’s two reason.
One, I could not continue my degree in Gov uni after my diploma(Diploma in English) in that same uni. (i will tell the whole story in another post) They release our transcript one week after the deadline of the UPU application. and if i want to go back into gov uni, i need to wait ONE YEAR to apply for UPU that has no guarantee of me entering a Uni, it was a huge gamble.

Two. I always wanted to go overseas but they were a bit too expensive, my fees here in beijing is cheaper than private uni in Malaysia. I know China’s economy is booming, someone told me about the opportunity and I jump into it. (i was still working as a teacher that time)

2. Do students need a good grasp in Mandarin in order to study there?
In my school, no. My courses are all in English. But no worries, your chinese will eventually accelarate here :grin:
So don’t be surprise if you see foreigners speak fluent chinese here.

3. What courses are usually offered there?
If you meant China, they have all kinds (Beijing itself is very big and has some of the most reputable universities in the world). For my school, business related. Not all universities here are fully taught in English, but IBS, BFSU is the only business school in Beijing that is fully in English so lots of foreigners study business here.

4. How is student life in Beijing?
i love it. You can follow the school instagram: ibs.bfsu or #ibsbfsu and you will see life of lots of students there, our school is instafriendly for lots of instagramers :joy:
You will have free time, and you still need to read books and meet people to expand your knowledge. It’s a university, and get ready for teamwork. I will create a Youtube video about study life here, something all students should be ready. I’ve live here for 3 years, you can really see yourself growing.
*extra info: you get to go on exchange to other countries

5. Are there any scholarships that sends students to China?
If you’re talking about scholarships with bond, I’m not sure about the ones in Malaysia. Because you can apply for scholarships from Sime Darby or JPA but they usually have limited choices and they come with a contract, according to experience from friends, you need to give something back in return.
But if you are talking about Chinese government scholarships, you can apply from them first, and if you get it, your four years here is covered.
If you get Chinese government scholarship, your fees and living cost is covered. and you will have some extra money too. IT IS A VERY PRESTIGE SCHOLARSHIP; But there are procedures. you can ask me more if you are interested.
I came here without scholarship, but every year you stand a chance to get academic scholarships from the school or from Beijing Government.

3rd year student, International Business School of BFSU

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Video speaks a thousand words