Bank Negara (Pre-University) Kijang Emas & Kijang Scholarships

Biasiswa Bank Negara Malaysia Pre-University Scholarship Awards

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Biasiswa Bank Negara (Pre-University) Kijang Emas & Kijang Scholarships

The Kijang Academy Experience

The Kijang Academy provides one of the most thrilling scholarship assessments a firm can offer. They say , “You need to rise to the occasion”. Ya Allah, what a sublime occasion it is that you need to rise upon.

It’s a 3 day 2 night programme. Everybody gets through the first two days but only 50 will get to day three. Don’t worry, accommodation is free for all , inclusive the second night.

  1.  Essay Writing (Day 1)

There was an essay writing task for me. It’s probably going to be on the first night. Assessors don’t have time to read 300 word essays. Leave it around 150 words but address the topic well. The topic is uncertain, but it has something to do with your interests, career path and values (based on previous years). So portray them clearly in a concise manner. It is not about BIG WORDS.

  1.  Group Assessment (Day 2)

Morning trip to Sasana Kijang. You’ll be placed in groups and assessed on various disciplines and qualities. You’ll get a good breakfast, though most won’t nibble too much. In groups, you’ll be given scenarios like managing a company in distress or something similar. You’ll be assigned to a department or position. Till today, I do not know what they are looking for specifically. However, get involved sufficiently in group discussions. Display your level of intellect and demonstrate you can work with other people. DO NOT RUN THE SHOW TOO MUCH. DON’T TRY TO OVER DO IT! Last thing you want is too come across as bossy and cocky. Be composed, if your good, it’ll show. It’s not about the number of words you speak. Make it short but impactful! On the second night, participants will be gathered and the list of the successful 50 will be announced. They get to experience the final day!

  1.  Personal Assessment (Day 3)

You’ll be put in quarantine. There’s a presentation you need to prepare for. Choose topics which you understand and can explain distinctly. Try your best to be different; repeating same ideas with other candidate’s shows your mind is not inquisitive enough. After the presentation, there’s a Q&A session. Be yourself. Answer truthfully and clearly. Be confident and smile. Again, BE HUMBLE. It’s all about perception. GOOD LUCK!

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You will be notified either through email or phone call if you are shortlisted. Otherwise you can always call their customer support and confirm this.

ok but it takes how long the selection period???