Basics about MUET!


MUET is compulsory for

  • All STPM candidates
  • Matriculation students who wish to continue degree in local universities
  • Diploma students who wish to continue degree in local universities

A total of 4 papers:

  1. Listening (800/1)
  2. Speaking (800/2)
    3 Reading (800/3)
  3. Writing (800/4)


To ensure that all students are well equipped with all 4 skills, enhancing their English to edure competitiveness in the corporate world.


MUET used to be held only twice a year during the middle of the year between April and May, and during the end of the year between October and November.

But from 2012, MUET is now held up to three times a year ā€“ in March, July, and November.


Yes! The good thing about MUET is that if you are not satisfied with your results or have not done well in your first attempts, you can attempt again and again as there are no limits.
However, do take note of the intake for local universities as your result is needed for the application.

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MUET should certainly be compared with the likes of TOEFL and IELTS. It is a perfectly acceptable alternative and is regard in a high standard too. The afforfable fees also makes it very attractive for prospective students.

Needs to know about MUET

  1. Only compulsory if your place of education demands it. If not its still fun to have a go at it with friends.

  2. Read, Write, and understand.

  3. If you cant read an english novel and write a synopsis of it while answering quiz like questions of it then dont attempt it.

  4. Take the exam at a venue that is good. Ive taken MUET in a hall of my Universiti and let me tell you, so many people suffered because the speakers were badly placed. Listening skills exam scores? Generally bad unless the student was sitting RIGHT infront of the speakers.

  5. Follow @englishjer for help on the basics.

  6. Get a tutor, If you cant do MUET, you really should re-evaluate your skill level in the language. Iā€™d suggest giving a shot. They have a few tutors there that can help.

  7. Do it with friends, its a lot more fun.

  8. Do it alone, its much more calming, and builds character.

  9. Dont take advice so seriously. Take it for yourself. Take it again if you have to.

MUET classes start January 2017 in PJ, Selangor. Call 03-79562325 for details or drop me a line at Target exam date - March 2017