Candidates of SPM 2016

Is there any Form 4 students here? It would be much more fun to be able to trade information on this forum. I am somewhat clueless on how our format will be for next year. I heard that the practical test for the Paper 3 of Physics, Biology & Chemistry have been abolished. So will we have a Paper 3 next year? And I would like to know if there are any topics concerning the candidates of SPM 2016, we can discuss it here. :smile:


Great, hopefully more SPM 2016 candidates will join in. Also, there are some seniors here who can offer practical advices on SPM too. Do you have any question that you hope to get from senior?

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hello , may I use Lissa?

Based on what you had written , its true that we will not be taking any paper 3 for all science subjects.
hehe, my teachers said that , we are more likely to have experiment practicals during spm. Though luck , it will be hard I think. We are given problems without mentioning the topics , and we need to organise an experiment for each problem.
What about Physics? Multiple test need to be taken to get the most accurate reading. Hahaha, that’s all for now. Sharing is caring right?


Yes, you may, @ayi_san ^^
Experiment practicals? I thought they decided to abolish it because there is no allocation for them to be carried out :<

@Ong Hi! Well, for the time now, I don’t have any question but thanks for caring! ^^

Hi…I am facing abit problems on add maths.Can i get any tips or advices to score well in this subject?I have problems in chap 9 Differentiation in form 4.

Hey :slight_smile: do you attend any tuition classes? if yes then it’s better because you can understand better, both in school & tuition although there might be slight difference with the technique of answering question but you can choose the way that you understand the most and which is more convenient. Well, to score well in this subject, you need to put a lot of effort into it by doing more practices and ask your teacher or friends when you don’t understand a question. Gladly advice you to do a few questions of addmaths everyday :smile: Hope this helps you out :relaxed:

Ya…I just recently attend tuition class.Thank you for your advices…What brand of add math exercise book is more effective to improve ourself?

That’s great to know. Cemerlang or Pelangi are really good brands recommended…Sasbadi and Oxford too…you can buy those workbooks with answers that show steps so that it can help you when you don’t know why you can’t get the answer…

Wish you guys the best of luck! (Eventhough it’s still faraway) I like to see such an enthusiastic group! :slight_smile:

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Ok…tq so much.I will try my best

you are welcome :smiley: Sharing is caring :grin:

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