Diploma Accounting atau ACCA?


  • CAT and diploma

  • Basically in diploma we learn the same subjects, but over a longer period

  • For example. FA1 we learn over 2 semesters, under 2 subjects. Which is basically a year. While FA1 is like 3 months? Haha

  • And in diploma we learn a wider variety of subjects. Such as management, statistics, business maths, micro and macro economics, marketing and entrepreneurship

  • Basically the FAB, is a compilation of management and marketing. But in diploma we learn them each separately and deeper a bit

  • Time differences, CAT one year. Diploma 2 and a half years.

  • Cost differences, depends on IPTA or IPTS. If IPTA only rm4000 total. If IPTS about rm18k?

  • CAT cost around 15k if I’m not mistaken. Kena check kt stes

  • Another way to explain on the differences is to just show the difference in subjects. They can judge whether they want the extra knowledge

  • Oh lupa. CAT is all CBE except for the last 2 papers. So MCQ type all the way. And lots of outside materials to study from, past year and practice questions.

  • Diploma however is more to writing and calculating. For our FA subjects, dia style like essay questions kena write down. But not like ACCA questions problem solving, dia more to memorizing and explaining the standards. Ada sikit application also.

  • So depends on the student, diploma gave me a good command for English since memang ada 3 English subjects and everything writing in English. So that’s why in ACCA I had no problems writing and finishing the exams on time. Since management, marketing semua tu kena write essays like crazy haha

  • And you have to touch on life hahaha. CAT no life. Diploma too much life. But depends on location and their ability to manage time

Hmm okay. Tapi ni bagi pandangan i jelah

  • I did diploma for 3 years. Which is quite honestly a waste of time. Exemption dapat 4 papers je (for uitm, university lain dapat exempt 3 je) better buat acca direct je terus dari f1, or better yet CAT for 1 and a half year.
  • Acca kita belajar purely accounting, takde subject lain dah. University lain kita ambik account, sekali ada english, agama, math. Which is like i say a waste of time. Sebab apa? Sebab english and agama and math tu macam kita belajar sekolah menengah punya balik, takde beza pun seriously.
  • And kita belajar accounting per sem tu like ada 5-6 chapters je, confirm semua masuk exam. Exam pun selalu dapat soalan spot, lagi tahu apa keluar. Acca kita belajar macam 20 chapter yang keluar 4-5 je betul tak. And mana ada soalan spot. Kena belajar semua. Honestly i rasa i belajar accounting diploma the whole 3 years macam kita belajar acca satu paper.

That’s my honest opinion

  • I regret doing diploma sebab membazir 3 years of my time. I memang tahu dari kecik lagi i nak ambik acca (cita-cita akauntan sebab my mum acca accountant) so i ingat nak ambik slow and steady sebab i tahu i takde lah pandai mana. Ingatkan nak ambik diploma➡degree➡acca. But I skipped my degree terus ambik acca. Still i regret ambik diploma. Patut acca terus je, lagi cepat habis. Sebab i dah ada background 2 years account sekolah menengah. Sama je macam CAT
  • Ohh lagi satu, my batch is the last batch yang 3 years. Now diploma in accounting 2 years and a half
  • Hmm like i said, it’s slow lah. Belajar pun tak banyak per semester. Banyak relax maybe? Haha.
  • And you get to experience more of University life
  • Hmm maybe in diploma sebab slow and steady, you lagi gain more understanding of what you learn. Daripada acca.
  • Satu chapter dia buat sejam pastu move on. You tahu ke tak tahu ke kena belajar next chapter dah
  • Diploma satu chapter je can go on for a week
  • Lagi banyak masa nak study and faham

Diploma in Accountancy is a qualification to pursue after SPM which takes u around 2-3 years. Once u graduated u can either choose to further studies in degree, professional (eg acca and etc) or seek employment. Yes, you may work with diploma with the basic starting RM1800.
Whereas acca is one of the professional qualifications that is recognised worldwide in accounting practice (to become a chartered accountant with the title CA). ACCA is the fastest way to finish your study where you can start with CAT(after SPM) for 1 year and ACCA(min 2 years). The only difference is the ‘certificate’. For acca you have to complete the whole program to get a certificate and start working. Do take note that the journey is not easy as it sounds. You may have to complete until certain phase to get a joint partner’s certificate (diploma,degree) while doing ACCA. With the certificate only will make ur chances of getting a job much easier and there is a difference in terms of your basic salary. One thing to be highlighted is that, once you joined ACCA is consider no turning back. As if u stop halfway, you might have to start other field from scratch.

For me, diploma fun sbb ada presentation and all the outdoor activities
Such as, every sem kita akan go thru 6-7 subject.

Each of subject akan ada assignments and events to conduct.

Paperwork, and presentation tu da jadi routine.

Dah hilang rasa segan utk stand in front.
Events pula, bkn among classmate je.

Some event kena buat dgn one whole batch.
Beza kan dgn acca, acca ni more to individual-

Kita study lebih, kita dpt lebih
But diploma, teammate.As semua akan dpt markah yg sama utk events tu.
Ni dari segi, events and other than exam
But somehow, too much outdoor juga utk diploma. And kdg i rasa ada event yg waste time.

Benda berulang dr senior senior.

If taknak pening kepala, just copy idea je and repeat event tu
Test/ quiz mcm da jadi second thing

Utk exam pula;

Test/quiz; only focus certain topic

Apa keluar utk quiz 1, da tak keluar quiz 2

Current topic yg tgh belajar shj.

Mcm pop quiz dlm class time acca tu je. Mmg senang nak score sbb baru study kan.

Biasa budak diploma mmg akan score test, quiz, and assignments

Carry mark kitaorg panggil.

Because final just 40%-50%