Diploma in Civil Engineering (UiTM) or STPM (Science)?

Hi, I’m having this difficulty to choose which one is better for me. I already get an offer for matriculation, but I refused to go. and I got an offer too for making a dip in civil engineering in uitm. But, my parents would like me to enter form 6. I just want to know which one is better dip in civil engineering or STPM (science)?

Hi, would you first explain to us why did you refuse to go matriculation?

If you are planning to further study at local public university later after you complete your pre-university programme, matriculation is the best choice as it is easier for you to score 4.0 and get whatever first-choice degree programme you apply at IPTA (Universiti Awam).

STPM (Science) is much more difficult to score compared to matrikulasi. Also, after you finish your STPM, you need to complete with matrikulasi students to fight for place in lPTA and usually matrikulasi students will get a place at competitive courses at prestigious IPTA as they usually score better CGPA.

Diploma in Civil Engineering (UiTM) is a good choice if you already have decided that you want to further study Degree in Civil Engineering at UiTM because it is easier to get admitted to the same university to do your degree when you finish your diploma there.

It is also good to do diploma in civil engineering if you have decided to become a civil engineer as the syllabus in this diploma will prepare you the foundation of civil engineering. STPM and matriculation syllabus is very general and does not really cover anything specific to civil engineering. If you have decided to become a civil engineer, why don’t you study something practical and useful in diploma in civil engineering instead of studying something general in STPM or matriculation?

Thank you Kai for the informations.