Does USM and UM accept IELTS results? MUET or IELTS?

I am an Alevel student who just finished my A2. I’m planning to apply to UM and USM as I know that now UM and USM are open to Alevels students. However, I am not sure if they accept IELTS results as I know MUET is one of their requirements. To be honest, I am not sure to take MUET or IELTS but I was thinking that IELTS might give me a wider range of choices as I can apply overseas. I am a JPA bursary student so my english test required for university placement will be covered by JPA. Therefore I am not sure which one should I take. Please advice. Thanks!

Of course, they should be able to accept it. But usually for Government Universities in msia they will choose MUET, but IELTS is usually acceptable too since it is internationally recognised. what do u plan to study?

most probably pharmacy but i’m considering biomed as well :smile:

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recommendation: just take the IELTS, it will help u a lot, and it cost more than MUET
or, u can call the office right away and i’m sure they will give you an answer =)

According to the websites of said universities, they accept MUET results. There is no mention of IELTS but perhaps they can make exceptions. You should contact their respective offices to confirm it though.

Your choice between MUET and IELTS depends on where you want to study. Since you have said you’re planning to apply to UM and USM, it’s best to take MUET as it’s the standard (and sometimes the only choice) for most, if not all, Malaysian public universities. If you have your eyes set on studying abroad, then IELTS (or other exams like TOEFL) is the better choice. Besides that, they have different costs but since your test would be covered by JPA, we won’t cover it.

But, if UM and USM tell you that they can accept your IELTS results, then take IELTS.

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