Effective Listening and Improving Listening Skills (MUET)

Listening effectively is hearing and understanding what a speaker is saying and how it applies to you and then remembering it for future use and evaluation. The following is a list of some basic techniques for effective listening:

  1. Recognize how ideas are organized.
  2. Become involved in what is being said.
  3. Screen out distractions
  4. Organize statements into main points and supporting reasons.
  5. Maintain an active body state.

In practising the MUET listening part, my advice is go to youtube to learn. Spend your time on learning the things you want to know by searching youtube(in English), and by doing so you gain the knowledge and improve your listening skills too. You can also try to speak English with your friends. Don’t be shy and awkward. It truly benefits lot to your listening and speaking.

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Allow me to elaborate more.
For 1, read the paper you get before you start your exam. Read through all the questions and try to figure out what is the topics and the details in your mind. You can also expect the answers for all your questions, so that when the tape is played, you are not panic and lose your concentrations.

For 2,since you have expected all the answers in the listening paper(expect or anticipate but don’t be arrogant and insist your answer!!), be focus on the speaker’s talk and involved yourself. Try to be the person who is talking with the speaker/speakers. It is truly helpful so that you can know the structure of the talk easily and get your answers correct in the 2nd repeated time.

For 3, screen out distractions is a must for sure! Come on, there is nothing can distract you if you really know that how MUET is important for your future, except some special cases, such as your friends beside keep giving out some knock sound or squeeze sound. Please really don’t be that kind of person even you score less than the others. That’s is so bad.

For 4, my strategy is hear and jot down. After that, in the second repeated talks, I confirm my answers and then just write it inside the column so that no correction tape or unsighted marks are shown on my paper. Try to list down the important things beside your answer column and write into the column after you have decided.

For 5, well for listening part, for me it is start from 12.30pm to 1.00pm, after the reading and writing session. Therefore, in order to prevent the fatigue mental that would corrupt concentration, sleep early. Don’t study too late at the day of MUET, or else you will regret bringing your exhaust body to the examination hall.

Can you suggest some YouTube videos which are very useful? Because some of their tongues are totally different with us.

I think you are referring to their accent. MUET listening videos are quite difficult to find in YouTube, you can actually search for IELTS listening test videos for your own practice. The listening test is quite similar.

Some samples:

Malaysian University English Test (MUET) Tips

Thank you very much! I really appreciate your sharing, thanks!