Finding SPM2017 private candidates study group


I’m going to be a private candidates for SPM2017. I heard somewhere about being in a study group with other re-take SPM student too. but i lost contacts of the counselors i had met at a study fair in penang before.

So, i wanna ask here if anyone know about the study group for re-sit SPM in nov 2017?
Im just starting to learn Form4 syllables and i know i need to catch up ASAP with F5 syllables too.

thats why, i hope i get other private candidate’s contact to discuss about this (face to face if possible) all along this year.

I might afraid that the style of my answering SPM paper that my teacher teach me wont be so accurate.
I want to know how others going to do it too.

Anyway, i’m going to register for #SPM2017 in Penang this march with this subject:

BM,Maths,SEJ,bio,chemistry and physics.

Thank you.