Finish SPM? Long holiday? Ask me anything of what you can do

Hi everyone, school is starting and I know some of you are preparing for SPM, some of you just finish SPM and are in the long holiday mood. So if you want to prepare yourself to study abroad, there are some skills that you need to pick up.

1, Microsoft programs
Especially Powerpoint, MS Word, and Excel. This is because studying in a university requires you to do presentations using powerpoint, a lot of Microsoft Word because we need to type our assignments. You may want to consider practice typing if you are not used to it because typing skills are needed. Microsoft Excel is for students who will study finance or statistics. Knowing the formula in Microsoft Excel allows students to calculate future price accurately. This is practice regularly in our Finance class in International Business School of BFSU.

2. English
When you study abroad, English is essential even in China. This is because our lectures are in English(referring to the university I am studying). Some of our lecturers are from the UK or US, so you may need to increase your vocabulary in order to understand the class better. Good English will also help you to write good reports in class. In my university, grammar mistakes are not tolerable because we are required to deliver the best even if your major is business.

IELTS is an English proficiency test to evaluate your level of English. The English requirement for every university is different. In IBS, the requirement for Bachelor degree is IELTS 6.0 and for Masters Degree is IELTS 6.5

If you plan to study business or management, reading some related materials regarding that subject would be good. I recommend Business Insider and The Guardian.

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