Form 3 over! Science Stream or Art Stream?

(i) Science
Most students aim for this stream as it affords greater options when they leave school: a student who finishes with decent grades in all Science subjects has the freedom to choose either Science or Arts majors (or both) in university. Also, the education system’s method of automatically offering the Science stream to students who are above a certain academic grade makes students proud to be in it. This adds to the impression that it is for “smart” students and that Arts are for those who do not make the cut.

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(ii) Arts
Successful students in this stream are the ones with actual passion for the Art subjects, having qualified for a place in Science but turning it down for Arts instead. They are the ones who really want to do Accounts, English Literature, and Malay Literature. Many feel that this stream, while being less “desirable,” is exactly what students who feel that their paths deviate from academia need. Potential can be unearthed here; all that is needed is a little polishing of the opinion towards the stream.

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When it comes to choosing between the Science stream and the Arts stream, one may consider many factors. However, the most important one would be your own passions. Here’s a good example : If your passion lies in accounting, then don’t accept the Science stream just because that’s where “the smart students” are. Think of your future!

Before I conclude, why is this choice that important? Why should we put so much thought in it before deciding?
Try to imagine two scenarios.
One. Student A loves Engineering but opts for the Arts stream instead because his friend is there. He ends up losing interest in his studies.
Two. Student B loves Accounts but decides against it because he wants to be seen as smart. He does well but ends up changing streams after SPM.
This is what might happen to you. Make your choice carefully.

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For those who have no interested stream, I have a suggestion. Currently our education system (2014) only allows us, students in Malaysia to take 12 subjects in SPM. Therefore, aim for bursary!! 9A+ then!! Choose science stream, and take account, economy, perdagangan, EST, Tamil literature and English literature. If you really want to score a 9A+, drop biology(have a firm decision on not going to involved in medicine field in future), take account, economy, perdagangan. Drop Mandarin and take English Literature(for those who is good in English and have a more confident in English than Mandarin) go for it. Lastly, do your search and decision then. Do not influenced by friends since good friends always stand with you although both of you are studying at different stream.

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Thank you @sksk for your suggestion! However, I’m afraid there is a part I have to disagree with you. As a fellow Chinese, I cannot let it slide that people are actually opting to drop their mothertongue just because the chances of getting A+ is slim. In my opinion, if you are Chinese, you basically have an obligation to take Chinese. If you are an excellent student, I’m sure that even if you miss out on an A+ due to Chinese, you still have other subjects to fill in the hole :slight_smile:

@Dreams Sorry to say that I have objection regarding the obligation to take Mandarin.
Well, in my opinion, there is no obligation to take Mandarin since it is a optional subject, but they should take Mandarin for the sake of the Mandarin’s future, Chinese students should take Mandarin as their SPM subjects.(They should know why they should take Mandarin instead of feeling that it is their obligation to take Mandarin.) I hope my poor English can convey my idea well.

@Dreams I think that we have some misconceptions. Actually the suggestion to drop Mandarin and take English Literature or ESL is for those Chinese whom their mother-tongue is English and barely can speak or write fews Mandarin words. Sorry for not mention it clearly in my comment. And actually I wrote it just because I found out students who drop their Mandarin always face many problems from their teachers and students regarding the obligation to take Mandarin as a Chinese. That is it.

@sksk That is the exact problem I have against those people - Mandarin should not be an optional subject, not for those who grew up speaking and writing the language, at any rate. Fortunately, our education system did something right - for those in Chinese schools, it is a compulsory subject up until secondary school, and I agree whole-heartedly.

@sksk I see, sorry for misinterpreting :smile:
I have no issues against those fellow Chinese Malaysians who don’t take Mandarin Chinese because well, they have never learnt it (not to the level of taking the exams). They were brought up in a malay or english speaking environment. What I do find an utmost displeasure is witnessing students who drop the language just to ‘play safe’.

I have a friend who went to the lengths of switching schools just to get rid of the language, and I can’t say I approve of what she has done. Of course, it was her individual choice and who am I to dictate whether what she did was right or wrong? People should be free to decide their own futures without being ridiculed- thus I kept my mouth shut. Although I still find it a great pity - said friend of mine had good Mandarin.

Based on my personal experience, I find that choosing to go into Science or Art stream during Form 4 is much less a problem compared to choosing stream during Form 6 after SPM.

This is because usually people will play safe and go to Science stream, even for those who actually prefer to go Art in heart. This is due to the society / parent / peer pressure that smart students go Science stream…

But during Form 6, students are usually more independent and mature in thinking to choose whatever stream that best fit them instead of going with the flow.

@Ong Hello there and thank you for sharing!
In my humble opinion, it is the very mindset that you have demonstrated - no offense, of course - that choosing streams in Form four is not significant (forgive me if I took it the wrong way) - that is the problem. Choosing streams has been important and should be taken into careful consideration from the very start. That is what I believe. :smile:

Hello there ! One more month to go and I’ll be making decisions regarding the streams . I’m not interested in Art or even Commerce but more in Science stream . However, I heard that students in Science stream are getting stressful as it’s hard to cope with the subjects …
My pleasure if you could share some opinions about studying in Science stream , thanks .

May i ask about the account subject in spm is in English language or Malay language??

Hi, oh I’m really struggling in this topic right now. It’s still the start of the year and I am really unsure of which path to really go for. I have been sent into Science stream but it doesn’t include bio, just physic, chemist & GKT which is most suitable for students who wants to be engineers in the future (that’s what I’ve been told) which is definitely not my thing. But for now I can’t really tell what I want to be in the future, perhaps somehing that involves arts & designing skills? (look, it’s still a question mark) But when it comes to thinking about the future with arts, I can’t really know which job best suits me and it makes me wonder all over again. In the other hand, my mom supports me to get out of Science stream and go for others that doesn’t have Add maths and the 3 Science subjects. She is even willing to write a letter to help me transfer. I mean maybe she’s helping me to make everything clear & letting me know I don’t belong in Science. She’s also concern that I will be stressed out once I get deep into Science & Addmaths aspecially bec my Math is slightly lower then average? (I mean I got C for PT3) and I need longer time to get the hang of most topics. And she probably knows how Science Stream will affect and burden me bec she’s also a Science Student & questions why she’d even gotten into Science back then.

So now the pros of not being in Science stream FOR ME are:

  1. Less stressful and burden
  2. If I do well in my SPM maybe I’ll get scholarship bec I study less subjects and it’s easier to handle.
    (R these really just what I got??)

So I’m really having a doubt on whether to change or not. Teacher said if I want to change then better be soon like end of this week and of course I understand why. But once I changed I can’t go back so this will be permanent and that’s why it’s so important for me to think more than twice. Perhaps just let me know should I change or should I stay?

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