Form 6 must take sejarah in order to apply law degree course at university later? True or false

Hi, may I know should I take sej in stpm as I’m going to take law courses after form6 :nerd_face:

In order to enroll into law bachelor degree courses at local public universities (universiti awam), you don’t have to take STPM Sejarah, in fact you not necessarily must be a STPM sastera student.

Take University of Malaya (UM) Bachelor of Laws (LLB) degree’s entry requirements for example:


Aliran : Sains dan Sastera
Lulus STPM dengan mendapat sekurang-kurangnya PNGK 3.00;
Mendapat sekurang-kurangnya Gred B+ (NGMP3.33) pada peringkat STPM dalam mata pelajaran Pengajian Am;
Mendapat sekurang-kurangnya Gred A- pada peringkat SPM dalam mata pelajaran Bahasa Inggeris dan Bahasa Malaysia, serta sekurang-kurangnya Gred B dalam mana-mana tiga (3) mata pelajaran lain;
Mendapat sekurang-kurangnya Tahap 4 (Band 4) dalam MUET;
Cemerlang dalam temu duga.

Please take note that this is minimum requirement, does not mean that if your STPM result is better than CGPA 3.0 you will get offered this course. In actual situation, due to strong competition for limited number of places available, most STPM students who got offered this course at UM got CGPA 4.0 for their STPM. The point here is you can apply this law degree course with your STPM sastera or sains result.

Anyway it is advisable that you check each university website for their respective law degree minimum requirements for STPM leavers.

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Haha noted, thanks. Btw I’m already in form6 for almost 3 months :joy::joy:

Great, so at last do you take STPM Sejarah? How’s your 3-month form six experience so far? Hope you are coping well :wink:

No, my school doesn’t have sejarah for form6. I’m in art stream & taking
pengajian am, 中国文学, accounts and economic :blush: Actually form6 is quite stress
haha. We are given test everyday. Haih :disappointed: trial is coming soon too…

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All the best and gambateh~

I’m reading law in the local university. Many students from various background are taking this course. Some are from science stream and some are from arts stream. It is not a requirement to take history. It is said to be an advantage because history requires you to memorize and law requires this skill too. Not only that, you will know about the nation better as you will study this nation’s law. However, it is still not a requirement and you have to ace your examination. During interview, show your passion to read law and make sure you convince the interviewers that you are genuinely interested in reading law. Law school is really hard. Hence, good luck. :slight_smile:

That is a really good note. Thank you though for explaining the important of taking Sejarah in STPM. I’m in my last 1st semester of STPM right now and taking Sejarah as well and planning to take law. I guess I will not have to regret taking it then.