Form Six Students Can Wear Casual Starting 2015, wow!

Form Six Students Can Now Wear Casual, School Uniform Optional

No more school uniform like secondary school form one to form five, sixth formers now can wear casual to schools!!! This is definitely a very welcoming change and good news to all form six students.

But of course, those traditional people might think this is bad because it will cause a havoc in secondary schools where the form six students are based at. Imagine during assembly or recess time, the hall or the canteen filled with form 1 to form 5 students all neatly wearing school uniform together with a bunch of form 6 fashionable and colourful (“disorganized”) form 6 students… Hahaha, what a scene!

Maybe one of the disadvantages is how to differentiate form 6 student with the others, outsider, teacher or parents. Nevertheless, if we think of another perspective, this teaches the students from form 1 to 5 to respect all of them no matter they are teachers, students or parents who are elder than them. And, neat means anything?

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I guess having form 6 to allow them to wear casual clothes is not a bad thing at all. Although, its true that it won’t be as neat and organize as before (form 1 until 5 combined with form 6). However, i am sure the school would have a strict rules for casual dress code. For example, no saggy pants, no singlet, no short skirt and so on. Form 6 student will need to wear student ID card around their neck everywhere so that other highschool students and teachers would be able to differentiate between them. So i guess, that would be no problem as well. This is just from my prespective view though.

I think that it’s a great idea. It saves the cost of making blazers - or different school outfit (shows that they are Form 6 students), that would only last them for roughly 1.5 - 2 years? It would be great that they have a casual office wear kind of them. It’s a great way of training themselves to wear appropriately, as they are to venture to the working side of the world.

Hi,i would like to apply form 6 and i read that formal school uniform is no longer required but why isnt there any form 6 students wearing any casual clothings yet?

@Sunnysideup form 6 students are allowed to wear either the school uniform or other formal attires, form six students are no allowed to wear casual like t-shirt and jean. In other words, some students prefer to wear the school uniform as they find it more comfortable since they have been wearing it from form 1 to form 6. It’s definitely their call.

Did you mean your school’s form 6 students are all wearing school uniform?