Free scholarships

funded scholarships for bachelors available?

Yes, plenty are available, please read the website and check one by one.

Malaysia Scholarships

need fully funded,link?sorry

Yes, some are fully funded scholarships. You just need to make an effort to
go through one by one to find the one suitable for you.

As we do not know your SPM result, family financial background, preference
of university etc, we cannot tell you which specific scholarship is
suitable for you. But anyway there are many scholarships in Malaysia
Scholarships so sure you will
find some suitable for you to apply.

Is that means that i can mail you my personal info to save time and effort?

You need to do this by yourself. If you don’t want to “waste your time and effort” to search for the scholarship then sorry to say you don’t deserve any scholarship :stuck_out_tongue:

but can you help me,sorry

There is any scholarship for multimedia student from private college?

Yes we can help you by guiding you and providing advices to your. But you
will need to actually do it for yourself :wink:

@aeinaaynaa which private college and what course? what was your SPM result?

sorry.but actually i’m in need of time
i think all i saw till now for malaysians students

We didn’t know that you are not Malaysian student. Because you never told us that.

international students available

What was your diploma or A-level result? What course do you want to do in Malaysia and which university or college?

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i’m in the second year in the faculty of mass communication,my last year’s result was 81,while my high school result’s was 90.i need to apply to any university with equation system preferably near klang valley

What course are you doing right now and which country are you from? Why did you choose to further study in Malaysia?

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what do you mean by “course”?you’re talking about department?
from egypt,i’ve filled in the application form of turkey’s scholarship but unfortunately i’ve found that you must be under 21,then i’ve started to search for scholarships in malaysia,that’s all

Did you do any pre-university programme like A-level? Because in order to get admitted into a degree programme in Malaysia as international student you need to use your pre-university programme result.

Your results do not make any sense in Malaysia university admission system. We use CGPA, for example if you get four A’s in A Levels then you are CGPA 4.00.

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yeah,you mean secondary level?90%

undergraduate for spm leaver or foundation leaver? how about pre university. a bit confusing. I dont know what am I. Either undergraduate or pre university to apply any schloarships.