Guide me to study abroad


Hello. I am currently doing Diploma for Business Studies in Ungku Omar Polytechnic. I’ll be graduating next year and i’d like to pursue my studies for degree abroad (in the UK especially) but i do not know how. I do not know which university to go to or what do i have to prepare before applying for studies abroad. I need a guide. Could anyone help me?


Before thinking about going to the UK, whats ways are u using? are you going to apply through malaysia MARA or TNB scholarship? or you plan to go on your own. Have you google what you want to study in the UK? the closest i can think that is related to your diploma is London School of Economics.

First of all, you might want to check the fees and discuss with your financial provider first if the budget allows because
First, it is not easy to get a scholarship to study in the UK. Usually the scholarships are never more than 50% of the fees.
Second, the fees might increase each year.

You will also need to consider expenditure, where are u going to live, cost of food, rent, books, miscellaneous.

If you want to get a scholarship, you will need to check from the official scholarship provider what are the documents needed and requirements to be eligible for a scholarship.

Draw a plan, do detail research, and ask specific questions later on, hope this will help you.


As you have made the plan to study in the UK, What method do you use to go there? Are you planning to get the scholarship? Malaysian Govt. does pay lot of money on education.
Here is some Scholarship programme…

  1. JPA Scholarship under Engineering Programme
  2. Bank Negara Scholarships (pre-university, undergraduate, postgraduate)
  3. IJM Scholarship Award Programme

Choose your way and make your name. All the best


Since you want to studies degree in UK, here are some pathways from HELP University for your references:

HELP Uni provide credit transfer from Malaysia to UK, there are some universities,
University of the West of England, Bristol
University of Essex
University College Birmingham
University of Hertforshire
Bangor University
Anglia Ruskin University
Cardiff University
Middlesex University

You can actally choose either (2+1) or (1+2) as the progression pathway.
However, a visit to the HELP University is complsory to get more information about this issue.