HELP, Sunway or MCKL?

I’m considering taking A-levels Science in either HELP, Sunway or MCKL. Can anyone give their opinions on these 3 colleges, especially ex-students or current students?

I think it really depends on what you are trying to compare, because all are A-levels and thus at the end of the day you are studying the same syllabus and sitting for the same exam.

Fees? Sunway is most expensive if you factor in the rent and living cost in the hipster area
Location? MCKL is the most public transport accessible area
Past achievers’ results? Both Sunway and HELP claim to have many high achievers in the past years

If you score good SPM results, I suggest you to apply all three because the scholarships provided are very limited and competitive, you can decide once you secure the scholarship.

Sunway is about brand and lifestyle. Help has not got much proven records. MCKL is good in terms values and students achievement, also its affordable.