How can I change my habits?

Firstly, what are habits? Habits are regular patterns of behavior that have become almost involuntary.

Obviously, you would want to cultivate a good habit, or at least, get rid of a bad one.

So what can you do to change habits?

  1. Identify what you want to change
  2. Carry out short-term actions related to this
  3. Find support
  4. Get started on it!
  5. Be accountable
  6. Evaluate your progress
  7. If it isn’t working, don’t give up - invest in another method

You override that habit with another habit.
Some people opt to forcibly push the old habit out by learning a new one
Some slowly remove the habit, very slowly and gradually.

Understanding what it is that drives the habit helps immensely when it comes to kicking one.
Finally is the habit isnt under your control, it isnt a habit, Its an addiction