How can I study effectively?

Learning is a daily experience. However, sometimes we can’t retain that information. As a result, studying is an important aspect of the school life in order to excel academically.

Tips to encourage an effective studying experience:

  1. The environment is important - study in a place with the least distractions (for example, the library).
  2. Plan your study schedule - don’t cram it all into one session.
  3. Consistency is key - study at a set hour/session.
  4. Ask whenever you have questions that you cannot find an answer to. Understanding is better than mere memorization.

Simple tips they may be, but they can go a long way.

Always keep a good attitude and you will learn many things. :slight_smile:

Studying is something humans do instinctively. We see new things and the ones that interest us gets more attention.

There are many ways someone can learn. I’d suggest you to explore the many ways, with different sources of motivation.

Base line however is, find a way to garner interest in what you have to study.

Maybe its history, and you hate it, pause for a moment, and really consider the subject.
Why do you not like it. What aspect of it is boring and or confusing. What do you like about it.

If you find what you like about it, focus on that, and let that want to know more help you.

Most importantly I think is to study where you are at own comfort. Some people may prefer to study in a noisy place, or a messy place. I think as long as it suits you, then that is good enough.

We cannot escape from memorising, even though sometimes we may understand the contnt, but there are still key points that we need to remember. As exams don’t just cover one part of theory, but also many other parts. If there is the need to memorise, I suggest to write down notes in point forms or even draw them out if you are a creative person. It would help a lot. If you are neither one of those, reading out loud and repeating the same key points for 7 times as research says would enhance your memory on those points. My sister prefers the third way, so she is very noisy when shes studying (reading points out loud over and over again)

If school is not enough to help you, it is okay to get outside help from tuition centres. Some students may not be able to study alone, but need a guide in many areas which they do not understand. And some even don’t know what they don’t know. Having a tutor would give a start to that. And being in a tuition centre ensures that you have an after school study schedule that is fixed and consistent.

As schools tend to have large classes, some students may not get a one-on-one session which could greatly help their learning experience. Thus, enrolling at a tuition centre would be a good tactic.

While some students may not have the means or need for one, it is undeniable that tuition centres are important as well.

I think the most important is to be interested in what you study. If you like it, you’ll do your best to learn more. I guess that the atmosphere should be suitable. You can surround yourself with people who have the same interests. You don’t need to stop on what you already know, you need to improve your knowledge and skills. Personally, I am not very good at writing, so I’ve decided to ask specialists for some help. So each time I need any advice or have any question I simply contact Supreme essay guys, and they help me out. It is easy and in such a way I can be better. Right now my writing skills are much better than at the beginning. And it’s not a disaster for me anymore.