How to Apply for Foundation in Science & Which Universities Offer that?

Help me for my future :grinning:

help me . im spm leaver for 2016 . im planning to further my studies in foundation of science since im a pure science student .can anybody explain me how to apply for foundation in science , which is i want to futher my studies earlier . (does intake in jan for foundation exist ? ) if it is exist , can u suggest me some universities that offer for the foundation ? if not , can u explain my pathway to futher studies . thankyouuu :grin:

Hi, foundation courses are usually offered by the specific universities that you plan to further your degree later on. For example, you may want to take a Foundation in Science course @ IIUM if you are planning to further study your Bachelor of Science degree at the same university.

So the right questions you should ask yourself are:

Which degree course at which university you are planning to take after you complete your foundation?

You can then check if that specific university offers foundation course when you have answer to this question. The minimum requirements and application procedures (including deadline for application) are available at the university websites.

oh thankyou . i already had my aim for my degree . can i further for the degree at overseas ?

Yes, you can pursue your undergraduate studies abroad using your foundation result. There are many educational organisations that offer student placement to study overseas. They will assist you in applying for degree programs abroad. However, you have to be aware of the deadline of the university application.