How to apply studying abroad for STPM leavers?


I’ve search online for the website to apply studying abroad but I still couldn’t find the one. Most of them make offer for SPM leavers only. How do I find them?


Studying Abroad


Hi @perrosilent, can you please list down the specific questions on studying abroad you have in mind so that I can try to answer them one by one?

Generally, to study abroad after STPM, you should decide which specific university you want to study and apply through the university directly, by following the official application guidelines provided by the university on their website.

NEVER EVER use an agent because you will end up paying a lot more compared to doing it yourself. There are also many agents or education portals that will try to help but keep in mind that they are very BIASED as they want to earn money from your successful referral.

So the rule of thumb is to research online by yourself and then apply directly with the university.


Thank you for replying!
I am not a science stream student, I took four subjects include General Studies, History, Syariah and Advanced Arabic. However, I am interested to pursue my studies in Muamalat (Syariah and Economy) as I am fond to join any corporation related to economical/finance as a Syariah officer. I got all As in all four subjects with CGPA 3.84 but I still haven’t decide which university to choose because I barely know how STPM student can apply. Are there any country (other than the middle-east) that provide places for a student like me?


Hi @perrosilent I’m not familiar with overseas universities that offer Islamic related studies. And I have the same guess like yours, which is there should be a lot universities in middle eastern countries offering courses like these.

Again, you should only think about how to apply after you decide which university you want to apply. Because each university has slightly different application processes, and different requirements.

No worries, nowadays online application is available for most universities. So you just need to go to the universities’ website and choose international students application.

Good luck!


Thank you again for your reply, I’ll try to keep searching.
I have another inquiry regarding the application to local university (UM). Will they (the system/the officer) still be looking at my SPM results eventhough I already have my STPM one? The course that I intended to pursue requires B+ in Arabic for SPM, however I only got B in that subject. Does it means that I am not suit for the course? Plus, why would they still ask for SPM results? :sob:


Hi @perrosilent, unfortunately if the minimum requirement for the specific course is clearly written B+ for SPM Arabic, then you would not be able to apply that particular course.

Yes, it is true that university admission will look into both your pre-university programme (STPM/A Level/Matrikulasi etc) result and SPM result of specific subject to determine if you meet the minimum requirement. If you do not meet any of the minimum requirement, I would suggest you not to apply for that course because you will waste your choice since you will not get it anyway. Try to apply other course that you meet the minimum requirement.