How to be a potential winner of any scholarship


First of all, this is base on personal opinions as a former athlete, 8A SPM Scorer, CGPA 3.84, and a university student abroad
Second, this article is suitable for students who will start form 4 soon, because it is time to get ready.

Now it really depend on what you want to study, you should really prepare because scholarships don’t come easy these days unless you are a genius and you have really good connections or you know certain ways like what I am about to reveal.

Before you even dream about getting a scholarship you need to prepare your documents of achievement. The organization who will sponsor you will want to know, why they should give you this scholarship because nothing comes for free, unless the government is very rich, for instance, China(base on my experience)

Here are certain general tips to earn a scholarship (local or abroad)

  1. You gotta be consistent in your results. Try to get all As if you can.

  2. Join competitions, it can be anything. Writing competition, debate, piano ect . It is better if it is national or international MAKE SURE YOU EARN A CERTIFICATE AS EVIDENCE BECAUSE IT WILL MAKE YOU STAND OUT AMONG OTHERS Sometimes, it is not about the amount of certs, it is about the quality of certs.

  3. Hold Committee roles in your club, it proves that you are capable of taking responsibilities.

  4. Practice scoring high marks for IELTS, IELTS do give scholarships (depend on the university you applied). In other words, English grammar and writing is way important than you think. I’m afraid merely an A in English at your SPM level may not be good enough.

and IF …
You are not the best student in your class, you are not very active in clubs, you don’t play the piano or violin( i don’t play them) but still want to get a scholarship.
It is time to ask yourself what you really like. I’m happy to answer any questions whether you just finish your SPM or still a Secondary school student, or a parent


Hi Reena, I did have most of the things on your list but I still couldn’t get a full scholarship. I applied to 4 colleges but could only get a maximum of 9k (was applying for a-levels)

What went wrong?

I guess I had blown it when I had that one ugly C+ for bio, so no matter how active I was in co-curriculum they didn’t want much to do with me :cry:

I noticed a lot of interviewers dropped me like a hotcake because I wasn’t a president in any of the clubs I joined. I was a vice conductor (on the same level as vice president) but no matter how much I explained about my work and my love for it they just seemed disinterested. My friend who is a Queen’s Guide received the same treatment. So, even if you are in the committee, it doesn’t mean much to interviewers.

Besides, they don’t really bother about your achievements unless it’s international or national, which I had. Lots. Even those didn’t help much for me… Some comps and service clubs don’t give certs, so I only had a letter of confirmation from the teacher advisor, which didn’t really work because interviewers doubted the credibility of it.

Oh well, next time I worry about this will be two years’ time. :expressionless: Wonder how I’m gonna get a full scholarship then.


Hi Lshuang, I’m sorry that you are disappointed with the outcome of those interviews. I consider the one that i posted as very general because it really depends on what course you are applying, where do you plan to study? and what kind of scholarship you are applying.

If you’re applying scholarships from private organizations, I have to be honest here. It’s a competition. And when companies offer you a scholarship there is usually an agreement to it. I can assist you further but i need to know what you’re interested in studying. Usually, they don’t offer full scholarships for A-levels because there is an uncertainty of what course you will be studying later. You need to understand that nothing really comes for free unless the scholarship providers are from the government.

The scholarship I talk about is rather different for malaysians because it’s not the kind of scholarship that will display everywhere. so if you want to be discreet, drop me a pm or whatsapp me at this number, +60176619968 (do introduce yrself) . Thanks

Cheer up, great opportunity lies ahead, and usually outside malaysia.


Hi, I’m sorry that you’re disappointed, but you should not. I know getting a scholarship is very tough nowadays. As my friend Reena says, if you are applying for a scholarship from the private organization, then there is good competition and sometimes you will return with empty hands. You have to be honest with yourself.

It is true that you will never get a full scholarship in an instant, do contact good guys who can help you, if you wish to learn from then we will help you to achieve good grades.