How to further studies in South Korea?

:kr:Does anyone knows how to further studies in Korea?
:kr:Where can I apply for scholarships to study in Korea?
:kr:What should I take after SPM?
:kr:Should I go to pre-university or matriculations or take STPM to get a chance to further studies in Korea?
:kr:I once read that STPM result are acceptable worldwide meanwhile matriculations and foundation programmes are only accepted in local universities. Is it true? Then should I take STPM?
:kr:What should I do? I’m really confused. I really wanted to further studies in Korea :sob::sob:

Out of topic question-
How to stop worrying about SPM results?
It keeps hanging in my mind, i want to cry :sob::sob::sob:
SPM 2016 is the hardest among all of those past years questions. It keeps haunting meeeeee T^T

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