How to get use to life overseas (China Version)

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Hi everyone, I’m a student and a freelance writer in China. For one of our classes called Chinese Culture and Business Etiquette I was assigned to present this topic. The culture shocks of being in China. Now although I have Chinese ancestries, I was living outside China my entire life, until I hit 22.

Now I begin my presentation,

So the HONEYMOON STAGE is always the most pleasant one, usually one is really positive and keen to learn. Your five senses are absorbing everything in. Everything is new. You meet new people, hear new languages, try new taste of food, the surrounding is new, new culture ect… The whole experience is really exciting in the beginning.

Then comes the frustration stage because you are not sure how to react to certain situations. This usually happens after 1 or 2 weeks when you are about to do things more than just a tourist. This is the time you will notice certain behaviors of local people that make you wonder if everyone is the same. Or why my classmate from this country is offended of something I said which is common in my home country. This is the time, we unlearn and learn again.

So after unlearning and learning, we got ourselves adjusted to the customs. We understand that this is a different place after all, instead of judging, we should find out why they do the things they do. For instance, sometimes we see an old man spitting at the street. In my head I kept thinking, now that is very unhygienic, but in his head, “I’m feeling uncomfortable, I should get this thing outside my body” Spit!

Bear in mind not everyone does this, the younger generations do not do this because to them, it ridicules their image.

This brings us to another point of how Chinese people apply the concept of Respect or “face”. A very classic example in Chinese culture is if you want to criticize someone, you shouldn’t do it directly in front of his friends or subordinates, instead you should save his face by telling him privately. In other words, this is to avoid him feeling embarrassed in front of others.

These two words may seem like nothing, but it means everything.


important -->Open your mind, and enjoy everything here.


Add On:
Among our peers, we have this saying " It’s China" meaning that well, we have to accept it if things didn’t go the way we want. You can’t change the mindset of the middle kingdom that has been here for ages, paper was born here! So…instead of thinking things in our perspective, we got to switch the view to the other side. And this way, you will get to see the best of both worlds. It’s a double edge sword.


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