How to take additional subjects not offered in school?

I’m making this post for my sibling, who is currently in Form 4.

Does anyone know if it’s possible to take additional subjects for SPM not offered by the school the student is attending? For example, my sibling is interested to take up SPM ICT and English Literature.

His old school had those subjects as classes (along with SPM Geography) but since he moved to another school, the new school doesn’t have those subjects as SPM (Form 4/5) classes.

If it’s possible, what are the steps that need to be taken? I know some subjects have coursework that need to be done for the final SPM marks.

I’m not quite sure about ICT, but you can contact nearby academies for classes or ask your school’s penyelaras SPM.
As for eng lit, ask your english language teacher in school if they are willing to give you tuition or find a mentor (our school’s was an ex-teacher). No coursework is required for eng lit.