I need help desparately...where should i go when i didn't get good results for my stpm?


Hey guys, i would like to seek some help and advice from everybody…:frowning:
Ive just finish my form 6 but i dont think i will get a very good result for it (probably 2F, 1C and 1D for my stpm result). But yet im planning to get acturial studies or chartered accountant, am i aiming too high for it? Or is it impossible for me? even so, i wont think my result would get me in to any of the university or to get any scholarships. So should i continue on choosing acturials or chartered? Or should i give up on it and just see what the government is going to throw me into any of the courses?? Im not having any financial support from my parents either.

Hope to get some advice. THANK YOU.

Ps, i’m taking physic for my stpm


You can check the public university website for the STPM CGPA requirements for these degree courses. You can try private colleges or private universities as well as usually the minimum STPM result requirement is lowered compared to public universities.

To become Chartered Accountant, you just need to pass ACCA, not necessary studying a Accounting degree. In other words, you can just prepare yourself (some colleges offer classes) and sit for the ACCA exam. Once you pass all tests, you can apply to be a Chartered Accountant in Malaysia.