I was really2 into Petroleum Engineering. Do anyone could guide me the path?

I’ve been planning on taking engineering but particularly i want to involve myself in Petroleum Engineering. What should I take? Do anyone could foresee the path to petroleum engineering?

Go for the Petronas or Shell scholarship. They generously provide you quite an amount of allowances as well as bond which requires you to work with them after graduate. Well, a confirm job and luxury salary. Everybody admires to it. Petroleum engineering is considered as a part of Chemical Engineering (ambiguity). Good luck for you.

People use to think that a petroleum engineering’s salary is high and confirm, but nothing is a sure. Nowadays, petroleum prices have plunge sharply and variety kinds of energy trying to substitute petroleum as a new energy (although it wouldn’t be substituted easily in this hundred years, there is also liquefied petroleum too) but studying petroleum engineering is focusing and narrowing your working field. Don’t you realise? There is pros and cons. Hope you consider your future career wisely.

Pros and cons? Particularly,like what?

@Douz_T Hi, I have commented 2 posts, not including this one and the first post is generally speaking of the pros and the 2nd is the cons in this field. To reinforce my points, the pros are it is a professional career and well, it has not reach a saturated condition (compare with doctor), but it is quite a narrow path if you are going to work in Malaysia only because in Malaysia there are too few companies which require many petroleum researcher or engineer.