Is stpm really difficult to score?

Can any of the stpm leavers share your experiences about stpm.what is the best way to study for it really hard to score 4 flat

The best way for me was practising with Pelangi’s Q&A.

Is it really hard to score 4 flat? Yes, hence the low percentage of 4.0 students. Time was a superlative enemy.

But the thing that you should know is that most of us who went to f6 (p.s.I’m talking about my school) hv no regrets in making that decision.

Sure, there are those times we felt beaten down, times when we felt like no matter how much we give didn’t seem to be enough, times when we just wanted to sit and cry, times when we wanted to give up…

Then again, there are those times when we talked and laughed with our friends, times when we participated in countless activities, times when we tried new things, times when we actually succeeded in sth that we never thought we could, be it in academic pursuits or co-curricular activities.

The latter memories somehow make the former look like a storm in a teacup.

We’ve grown from the adversities, picked up new skills, and learned that everyday may not be good, but there is sth good in everyday. Determination and perseverance are essential. Endurance and keeping a positive mindset are vital.

Lastly, to be one of the best or the best, one has to be happy with what he/she is doing, apart from working as hard as possible to get as far as possible.


Came across this sharing recently: Choose Form Six Not STPM

Seems like the general sentiment of form six leavers is no regret regardless of their final STPM result. I think the key takeaway is other than studying hard for STPM, you should really make the most of your form six years by joining activities, making friends etc so that your form six years will be memorable and you too will not regret your decision to do form six :wink:

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Hey there, anyone here who did STPM before? I just wanted to know if it is hard to score a 4 flat in STPM. Many people I know told me that STPM is a rough path. So I just want some opinions from the people who actually went through it. Thank you!

I am a matriculation student. Second intake. 2016/2017. I am currently at Kelantan doing my matriculation. I am actually planning to quit and go for STPM. Is that wrong or bad?

Hello. I graduated STPM in 2014 with a CGPA of 4.00. First of all, STPM is very difficult. Sorry to burst your bubble but it takes a lot of effort and consistency to be able to obtain a good result in STPM. It is said to be the hardest examination in this nation. Therefore, it would be ludicrous if I said it was easy. You must be able to handle the stress. You will be given plenty of assignment or called as PBS and you will have to make many amendments before you actually produce a quality assignment. This is crucial because you have to get an A for your PBS because it will help you to increase your final grade. Next, ensure that you are updated in class. Focus on what is being thought in class and if you have lazy teachers, which I did have in my school, try to study on your own. Read and read and read until you grasp the knowledge. Discuss with your friends and always ask questions to your teachers. Lastly, remember: its about gaining knowledge. There is no point if you are able to obtain a good CGPA but you are not knowledgeable. Don’t wait till last minute to do the past year questions. Enjoy your days in Form 6. I had a blast in mine and it was Form 6 that thought me a lot which helps me to cope up in my university…Good luck. :slight_smile:

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Why do you want to quit matriculation? May I know the reason?

Can I know why u had tat plan to quit matric? Cos I’m having same idea, so I wanna compare my reason with urs if u don’t mind