KPM Bursary - All we need to do is accept

KPM Bursary is offered to students who achieve 9A+s or above in the SPM.

There are no specific steps for application, the bursary is given automatically, all the receiver has to do is accept.

Bursary holders can further their studies in STPM, Matriculation, A Levels, Asasi IPTA and other pre-university courses acknowledged by KPM. The tuition fees will be covered.

Approximately RM430 is given to the student each month.

KPM Bursary 2015 for SPM 2014 Candidates

KPM Bursary Closing Date: 30 June 2015

Kementerian Pendidikan Malaysia (KPM) will be offering automatic bursary to Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) 2014 candidates who obtained outstanding results of 9A+ and above to undergo preparatory courses before continuing their undergraduate studies in local or foreign universities.

This KPM Bursary will cover costs of pre-university studies such as Sijil Tinggi Persekolahan Malaysia (STPM), matriculation studies, the International Baccalaurate (IB), A-Levels, or other foundation courses provided by the Higher Education Ministry.

What is it like to accept the KPM Bursary? Here’s the answer :slight_smile:

So I was one of the lucky ones to have received the MOE bursary after excelling in SPM. Initially I was undecidable on which college should I go to. I had two on my mind. Taylor’s College and Sunway College. After consulting seniors and doing my own research, I came to a conclusion that Taylor’s was a better choice for A-Level’s as they had the best placement centre and best lecturers. Placement centre, you must be wondering what is that. Well basically placement centre is where you go to, to seek advice and assistance for your further studies either in the UK, US, Australia or anywhere in the world. Taylor’s college has always had a really good relationship with the Universities in these countries as their students always made it to the top university and they will help you as much as they can to make sure you get accepted into the University of your Choice. Yes that’s true. So I thought it would be great to choose Taylor’s college. 10 students from the previous batch of bursary students made it into Oxbridge and one of the reasons were because of The Placement Centre that really helped them in application and recommendation and of course their outstanding achievements. Most of them made it into the Top in the World list for Cambridge A-Level.

Talking about academic achievements, yes Taylor’s College has definitely got the best lecturers. They really push you to the extreme level and you’d be really satisfied with the results. They give you free consultations every week and don’t mind staying back even at night just to help their students. But again I’ve to tell you if you’ve decided on taking up A-level’s, be mentally prepared to face all the challenges that comes along. It’s definitely not easy. Imagine being placed in a classroom full of smart students like all of you are bursary recipients and some are extremely outstanding. Of course all of us got the same results in SPM but some just seem to be smarter and faster. Being so used to getting the highest marks in school, it all changes when you commit yourself with bursary. Because somehow the smarter ones intimidate you and do better in tests and you just lose confidence. But, do not give up. I was so close to giving up because I tried so hard yet I couldn’t do well in my trials. I managed to hold on and not give up. It’s stressful, really stressful especially seeing those nerdy people studying 24/7 and you’re just like “oh yea I’m 18 and I’m in college I’m supposed to be enjoying life”, well that’s how I was during my Semester one and that was why I screwed up my Semester 1 finals. A-level itself is very challenging and imagine doing it with a bunch of classmates who are really smart. It’s a lot of stress I have to tell you and your lecturers will have high expectations on each and every one of you. However if you’re strong I’m sure you’ll be able to pull through it.

So, everyone has been wondering what happens after bursary. “Do I get the JPA scholarship immediately or do I need to go through a selection process or interview etc. “. No you do not need to go through a selection process neither do you need to be interviewed. All you have to do is receive a n unconditional offer from the university of your choice. Basically after your AS results are out that’s like in August, you will start applying. So upon applying, if the University of your Choice is interested in taking you in they will give you a conditional offer. But for them to give you this conditional offer your personal statement and admission tests result must be really outstanding. Especially if you’re applying to the UK. Imperial, Oxbridge, UCL and all these top universities really give high preferences to those with really good admission test marks. So after getting your conditional offer, most of the time the condition would be A*AA or AAA or whatever is the minimum requirement to get into the University of your choice, you will send it to JPA. JPA will then call you to attend a camp called BTN and SAC camp. It’s almost like a mini PLKN where you’re trained to develop good values such as love for the country. If I’m not mistaken the duration of this camp is for a week. After the camp you’ve almost secured a definite JPA scholarship and all that you need to do is concentrate on your A2 and just wait for the unconditional offer from the University of your Choice. After getting the unconditional offer, you will again need to send this to JPA and you’re automatically a JPA scholar. Well this is how it went on for the first batch of bursary scholars and this is the most I can provide you guys with.

So those of you whom are taking Bursary, I wish you all the best and don’t ever give up its worth doing A-level as it prepares you for your university life.

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Hi Adam Can I may it clear that the bursary students need not apply for JPA after their pre-U? If that is that is great news. I am a 9A+ student and now doing the American Degree Programme. In your view should I discontinue my course and do A levels at Taylor’s hence taking up the bursary? Appreciate your advice.

@julia this really depends on why did you choose American Degree Programme in the first place, do you have a plan after you complete this programme? Is your family going to support you financially for your further study?

You should really consider taking KPM bursary to do A levels because once you finish it with good result and get placement in prestigious overseas university, you will continue being sponsored by government to further study your degree programme with allowance.

That news is outdated. It has been officially announced that bursary recipients will have to go through a selection process with other non-receipients for a chance at JPA scholarship after pre-U, effective for SPM leavers 2014.

Is this KPM Bursary opened for SPM 2015 leavers?When is the opening day and the deadline date?

Unfortunately, KPM Bursary has been discontinued in 2016. In other words, SPM 2015 leavers will not be offered KPM Bursary.

Please read this post for more info: Is KPM Bursary 2016 for SPM 2015 Still Available?