Last-minute study-- EFFECTIVE?

Here is the link. The benefits of last-minute study and some tips on how to do last-minute study.

Well, in my secondary school years I always adopt last-minute study because I face the problem-- lack of time. Instead of studying at home, I used up most of my time to play online games and I really think that study in last-minute is a good way for students who have good basic. Last-minute study is not studying, it is revising and recall all the memories and knowledge u have read in the 2yrs time, therefore, in my humble opinion I think that study in last-minute is only for those who always concentrate in school class or tuition class, but not for sleeping-in-class students.

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After spending the time to read the article provided, I’ll have to agree with @sksk, last-minute study simply does not work for everyone. It may have worked for the author of said article, but it is an entirely different case for me. Last-minute study essentially means that you only study the main points, so you leave out all the tiny details and believe me when I say that tiny details mean a LOT in the exams. Before considering last-minute study, one should consider their ablilties first.

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Very interesting discussion. I used to do last-minute study, not because I wanted to but I have to because I used to procrastinate a lot and the last minute pressure really made me becoming super effective and efficient especially at memorizing terms.

Of course there were days that I did not manage to read all topics which forced me to be smartly selective of the most important topics based on the proforma or learning objectives :stuck_out_tongue:

Well said @Dreams last-minute study may have worked for the author who wrote the article but it is not suitable for all the students. However, I think that if we adopt a holistic and smart study method, even though tiny details are left out via last-minute study, one should also able to cope all the important syllabus and even score ace in exam.