Life at University Pertahanan Nasional Malaysia (UPNM)

Hello. I am looking into applying for degree and this uni has computer system security which I am sort of wanting to major in but I want to know how student life is like there. I know basically that they have military training but I’m not sure if its compulsory for all students? but i am guessing it is as i would have to serve in the military after graduating. i am also sure that wearing tudung is compulsory for female malay students, are there any non-malays? because i tried google image the uni and i don’t see any non-malays. Is the curriculum in english like in other universities or is it in malay?

Military training is compulsory for all students there. You will be bonded by government for 10years. (You can actually refer to the official website there) Life there, well, tough must be, because all you doing is military training!! And for the female non-Malay side, sorry for unable to help you because I am not so sure about that. In English, but sure they speak their mother-tongue most of the time^^