LIfe in International Business School of Beijing Foreign Studied University

What comes to your head when you hear about the International School

You might be thinking about “Business”, and “Foreign”. A lot of people never heard of our school, simply because we did not promote it abraod. The most reputable state-own universities in China, with application flooding in by the millions yet in 1 province, only a handful of Chinese students are able to enter.

Beijing University is the considered as the hub for diplomats in China, reputable as having the most language courses in China, it is no surprise to see people from the embassies having meetings in the school.

And yours truly who studied in the International Business School located in this campus, get to be in one of the most international campus in China.

International Business School is not all about academics, we also strive in activities for students.
One of the most recent activity is a video competition for students, and winners get to win monetary prize

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