Loke Yew Scholarship Awards | Biasiswa Malaysia Scholarships 2016/2017

LOKE YEW SCHOLARSHIP AWARDS The founder who established the Loke Yew Scholarship Trust Fund, the late Dr. Loke Yew, was a generous patron of many good causes and was particularly interested in the encouragement of higher education. In the spirit of continuing education, the Loke Yew Scholarship Trust Fund is now inviting outstanding undergraduates in the University of Malaya (“UM”) to apply for the Loke Yew Scholarship to pursue the Bachelor Degree Programmes offered by UM. Fields of Study We invite application from UM Undergraduates who are in their first year of study with merit academic results and who are involved in outstanding extra-curricular activities. Application can come from those who pursue in any of the following Fields of Study, divided into three (3) main group of studies in the following disciplines: a) Group A Ø Faculty of Medicine; or Ø Faculty of Dentistry b) Group B Ø Faculty of Science; or Ø Faculty of Engineering; or Ø Faculty of the Built Environment; or Ø Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology c) Group C Ø Faculty of Law; or Ø Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences; or Ø Faculty of Languages and Linguistics; or Ø Faculty of Education; or Ø Faculty of Business andAccountancy; or Ø Faculty of Economics and Administration; or Ø Faculty of Sport Science; or Ø Academy of Islamic Studies; or Ø Academy of MalayStudies; or Ø Cultural Centre

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