Looking or searching for Universities for International Student or that teaches in English

I have found a similar post to this, but I still need help on this. Malaysia Universities that teach their courses in English.

Hi, I am an International Student looking for universities in Malaysia due to study and budget reasons. I know that Malay is their national language, and many universities will have a diversity of both English and Malay in their courses. So, as a foreigner trying to study there, I need some help and advice.

Any university will do, I have researched some universities, but it is primarily a well-known university such as Monash. (Experience as an International STudent living, studying while working there is also point so we can also help others)
My preferred studies are psychology, or business (mainly leaning to the psychology of business and science)

I would also like to know how being an International Student is like there to see what to expect and prepare when going there.

Try either Curtin University in Miri, Sarawak or University Malaysia Sabah in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah if you want English.