Malaysia KPMG ASEAN Scholarship for Malaysian Students

KPMG ASEAN Scholarship Eligibility Requirements

To qualify for the Malaysia KPMG ASEAN Scholarship, you should be:

  • a self-motivated achiever with a consistent and strong academic track record of excellence in either of the following:
  • SPM / O-Levels / Equivalent : 6As and at least B for English & Maths;
  • STPM / A-Level / Equivalent : 2Bs and above;
  • Degree : GPA 3.2 and above / 2nd upper or equivalent
  • a first or second year undergraduate of a local tertiary institution.
  • actively involved in co-curricular activities either in school or in the community.
  • a strong leader who possesses ASEAN and global mindset.
  • an excellent communicator who demonstrates a high degree of initiative, maturity and enthusiasm.
  • self-confident and have the determination to succeed.
  • Malaysian only.

And of course, you must possess a passion for life, a desire to learn and
the ambition to pursue careers in audit, advisory and tax.

How to Apply KPMG ASEAN Scholarship?

Interested to apply for a KPMG ASEAN scholarship? Find out how.

Thank you for your interest in the KPMG ASEAN Scholarship Program. Click here to apply.

The Application period for Malaysia KPMG ASEAN Scholarship is from 1 February 2016 to 15 April 2016.

Other important dates to note are:

  • Interview and Acceptance Period : May to June 2016
  • Awards Ceremony (for successful scholars) : June 2016

Please check the website from time to time for more updates.

For more information, kindly call 03-7721 3388 (People, Performance & Culture) or email to

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What is unique about the KPMG ASEAN Scholarship programme?

KPMG is the first of the Big 4 professional services firms to provide a regional scholarship programme which will give the ASEAN scholar the opportunity to experience working in different countries when they are in universities and early in their careers.

The KPMG ASEAN scholarship is all about you. Because we recognise that young aspiring people like you have great dreams and ambitions, we invest through our Scholarship programme to develop your personal and professional capabilities to help you reach your potential as leaders and responsible corporate citizens.

As a fresh graduate, you will be exposed to a wide variety of professional offerings in audit, tax and advisory services. You will also be given opportunities to train or work overseas.

What are some of the qualities that KPMG looks for in their scholars?

We are looking out for well-rounded individuals who possess excellent interpersonal skills, a high degree of emotional maturity and with global mindset. Our scholarships are offered to those with a strong focus to make their mark in a professional services firm.

What do we provide during the course of KPMG ASEAN Scholarship programme?

The KPMG ASEAN scholarship programme is a holistic programme that looks into the financial, skills, development, mentoring and coaching needs of each individual scholar.

Financial support for ASEAN scholars is provided through:

  • Tuition fees grant of RM20,000 per annum
  • Allowance for overseas internships

To help our scholars ease into the corporate world, we will see to that they have access to experienced managers and partners who can serve as their coaches and mentors while they are still in school and when they join us as colleagues.

To broaden their horizons, our scholars will be offered two internships with our member firms – one with the local member firm and another with a member firm in ASEAN.

The goal is to provide our scholars the platforms, network and support to excel and work towards achieving their personal and professional goals and aspirations.

How is the application process like?
You will need to submit your application via the KPMG ASEAN Scholarship online application form.

Period Online Application Ends 15 April 2016
Shortlisting & Interview May to June 2016
Confirmation of scholars June 2016

What can I look forward to upon joining KPMG after graduation?

You will work in two countries (Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore) or across functions over the first three years of your career. Therefore, you will have opportunities to work in different areas.

You will be given excellent learning and development opportunities and unrivalled industry exposure. You will be mentored by senior members of staff and management to ensure that your welfare and development remains a priority to us throughout your career.

You can also look forward to rapid career advancement in the firm. You will start as an Associate and make your way up to Senior Associate, Assistant Manager, Manager, and eventually, Executive Director or Partner of the firm. At every step of the way, we will provide the necessary learning and guidance through structured learning and milestone programmes, excellent industry exposure and mentoring to ensure that you obtain the maximum benefits of our scholarship programme.

Is there a bond if I am awarded the scholarship?

We know that successful candidates want to develop a great career with us and are expecting you to be committed for at least 2 years after graduation.

During this time, they will participate in programmes designed to expand their horizons, allow them to explore the opportunities that await, excel in the professional field and grow as leaders and responsible corporate citizens.

this scholarship is for what course?

Kpmg is one of prof accountancy firm in mlysia, isn’t it?? What is the field of studies?? Is it just for account course??

While it does not clearly specify the courses, you can actually derive from the following sentences that they are looking to sponsor students in their business related courses.

Also, as you are bonded to work for KPMG after your graduation, it is definitely more logical if they only sponsor those studying in business, finance or accounting related courses instead of physics, biology or other science courses.

In other words, accountancy related courses as KPMG is one of the Big Four in accounting business.