Matriculation or foundation

what are the differences between matriculation and foundation and which one is better?

Matrikulasi is the pre-u programme offered by the Malaysia government. It is free and you get monthly allowance. It is also a boarding school where you will stay at the matriculation college and only allowed to go outing on certain times on Saturday/Sunday or semester break.

Complete Guide to Malaysia Matriculation Programme (Program Matrikulasi)

You can refer to this insightful sharing from a ex-matriculation student for more details regarding the matrikulasi programme.

As for foundation programme, it is usually offered by specific university as preparation to admission into their degree programme at the same university. Just for example, you can take foundation programme (program asasi) at University of Malaya (UM), once you complete the programme you can apply degree courses at UM.

Pre-u Programme: Foundation

Please read this post for an overview of foundation programme.

thank you so much for the explaination kai :slight_smile:

It’s quite same matriculation and foundation in IPTA… but foundation is tougher than matriculation… just a few syllabus you need to learn… but still facing challenger can make you perfect

if u have a good pointer during matriculation, u may enter any university that u like. but if u dont, u will end up into the course u dont want. if u go for foundation, the chances to enter the university with your degree course that u want much bigger for matriculation students.

Thanks for explaining:) @ariff.bestboy46

Thank you for your explanation:) @marianadujungsli98

Hye everyone
Matriculation or foundation??
Hmmm which one is the best if I want to pursue my study to oversea??

Foundation is usually specific to the university. For example, if you take foundation in science at IMU, you will be able to enrol into IMU once you complete your foundation. So, if you want to pursue your study overseas, you can apply directly the foundation course of that university.

Otherwise, if you not sure yet which university overseas to apply, then taking matriculation is a better option.


Thank you @Kai
Now it’s become clearer so all the best for all

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Huhu :cold_sweat:
From the wise advice from @Kai,I thought matrix is the one for me as I still have few university in mind to choose…so for now I tend to ignore others
Yet I got an interview that offer me to choose any course that would place me to any university…
I’m in mess,should I go? Should I just make it as an experience in life?
So what about my dream to oversea through matrix
What should I do??? :dizzy_face::astonished::fearful::scream:

You’re not in a mess. First, interview does not mean you get the offer. I think you should go to the interview just to experience it. You should only worry about it once you got the offer after interview :stuck_out_tongue: Also, after you have completed the scholarship interview, would you mind to share you interview experience at this forum so that others can learn from your experience?

When you mentioned that [quote=“Bluei, post:13, topic:3194”]
offer me to choose any course that would place me to any university
Does the scholarship really cover any course at any university including your choice of overseas university? If yes then why not accept it if you get it? Since this means your future is secured and confirmed. Going to Matrikulasi and then applying overseas university using matrix result is still an uncertainty at this point for you.

Perhaps you can share more about what exactly are your concerns so that we can offer better advice. Good luck for the interview.