Matrix easy VS STPM hard

Here is the link. (Who ever said matrix was easy)

I am currently studying matrix in KMP, therefore I have some advise for students who think that matrix is easy. Well, matrix is easier compared with STPM, and u have 30% for science subject(experiments hold 10%) 20% for math, account and computer science. Therefore your final exam, what we called as PSPM only hold 70 or 80 percent of your marks. Compared with STPM, this system(the graph designed to create more A also helps lots!!) will surely make your 4 flat comes more easily. The syllabus, well less STPM a little, really a little bit so don’t really think that STPM is hard. It is on how you manage your time. Who else also studying at matrix? Feel free to share your life there to help people to get to know what actually matrix life is.

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Hai! First of, I am not a matrix student but i would like to add on what is it like to be a Stpm student. To tell you the truth, the new stpm system (using semester) are way more better than the previous system. (final exam on the end of the 2nd year). Perhaps it might be true that matrix can be easily pass. Whilst stpm is not. However, due to the new changes of system in stpm, i think matrix and stpm are more or less the same.

Even though stpm exams are quite hard but the certificate are worthful since it is recognised outside Malaysia. One of my lecturer in stpm once told me that, if your stpm cgpa is very good, universities will give priority to those gratuated stpm holders to enroll in their campus first. Although i guess this applies to every students who achieved their best result despite which study institution they came from. Anyhow, i bet both of this options have their own advantages and disadvantages. In the end of the day, it suppose to be the students who are responsible in determining where and how to achieve great results

@Samantha Hi, thank you for your sharing. I strongly agree that the new system for STPM, the semester-exam system are way more easier than the last-time exam system, but since I am the one who constantly ‘chasing’ the syllabus of STPM as a matriculation students, the syllabus they encountered with are averagely more difficult than matriculation.

Maybe i have not really seen how does the matriculation’s syllabus looks like. If i have seen it and try to compare between STPM and Matriculation syllabus, maybe i would have the same opinion as you are though. I have a cousin whose also from matrics pursuing biology. She did well in her examination easily and at certain point during that time, i wonder how does the matriculation studies structure feels like.

This year, 2014, there are 2k++ students who get 4flat in their 1st semester result, or what we called as PSPM1. The distribution graph drawn for A and the questions asked as well as the syllabus for the subject are all totally cannot compare with the STPM standard. That’s why most of the universities doesn’t recognise the local matriculation certificate.

I see. Although at least matriculation can still give way for students to go universities too right (some universities). If I’m not mistaken, does it takes a year to study in Matrics or there is certain students that are taking more than a year? Or maybe that is because they are retaking their exams?

@Samantha Ay, it takes 1 year, or exactly 10months after deducing 4 weeks holiday, from June until end of April. Then at the same year you can apply to universities which is September intake (for public universities). Can even apply for May intake by using the 1st semester result. After semester 1, some students who score between 1.5 to 2 is sent to other matriculation to study, what we called as Program Dua Tahun (PDT).

Sorry for forgetting mention that the PDT is only for science stream students, for account students who score between 1.5 to 2.0 is considered as ‘continue to study but with terms’. Well, the terms are like cannot fighting and score well that kind of terms. Besides, actually I am not quite know the syllabus of 2 year Programme but it is only provide to students who score below 2.0. In addition, for students who score 1.5 below, are kicked out.